Activision Blizzard sued over “sexist culture”

Today: EA shows the first glimpse of Dead Space at EA Play Live — Amazon denies that New World could possibly break players’ GPUs — Get six months of Apple TV+ for free by signing up from PlayStation 5

Activision Blizzard sued after California issues report about work conditions

Activision Blizzard’s HQ is in Santa Monica, California

Activision-Blizzard has been sued by the California Department of Fair Employment of Housing over a spectacular range of misconduct.

The company is accused of having a “pervasive frat boy workplace culture,” following a two-year investigation, which incovered incidents like:

  • DFEH links an employee suicide to the studio’s culture
  • The Former CTO groped “inebriated female employees”
  • Women of color are “particularly vulnerable targets”
  • Male staff reportedly play games during work hours and delegate workloads to junior counterparts
  • Senior staff has allowed the bad culture to flourish and also participated in it
  • Parties “unable to resolve” differences to avoid court

Boys' club: There's allegedly also a ‘permissive atmosphere around sexual banter’ aimed at employees, women are overlooked for promotion due to pregnancy and are in general paid less than men.

Distortion: Activision-Blizzard has issued a statement denying the allegations and criticizing the DFEH. They claim the report includes “distorted, and in many cases false, descriptions of Blizzard’s past.” The case has been filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court.

What game magazine introduced the Polybius myth to a mass audience?

a) GameInformer
b) Pocket Tactics
c) Nintendo Power
d) Gamepro

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

EA Play Live: First glimpse of Dead Space

Dead Space is back with a short teaser from EA

EA has just live-streamed the EA Play Live event with the latest news, announcements and sneak-peeks at the publisher's upcoming games. It was hosted by WWE superstar Austin Creed and focused on imminent releases, which means no Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Star Wars-related revelations.

Announcement round-up

Update: More GPUs hit by New World Beta

New World is Amazon Game Studios’ first PC title

Players claim Amazon Game Studios' new MMO New World has been causing problems with a wide range of graphics cards, and not just the GeForce RTX 3090.

The issue is not limited to Nvidia GPUs either, as AMD users have reported similar problems. “…the issue definitely is with SOMETHING in the way the game New World is rendering,” tweeted JayzTwoCents.

Total system failure: Affected GPU models include Radeon RX590, 6800, 6800XT, 6900XT and Geforce 3080Ti as well as 3090. Failures range from crashes to hardware failure.

Framerate limit: Amazon has downplayed their responsibility for the failures, claiming that the New World beta “makes standard DirectX calls” but also released a hotfix that limits the framerate to 60 in the game's menus.

Brave Browser rewards you for surfing

Brave Browser rewards you for surfing the web

Maybe your internet connection is fast, but what about your browser? The Brave Browser is built from the ground up for speed, privacy and providing an ad-free Internet.

You can opt-in for ads that respect your privacy, and even earn rewards. It’s quick and easy to use, featuring the same comforts and conveniences you expect from a modern browser.

Pull off crazy stunts with Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive returns, and tank battles are back too!

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What game magazine introduced the Polybius myth to a mass audience?

It won't hurt you unless you cheat

ANSWER: Gamepro!

Polybius is the quintessential videogame urban legend. Whether as a haunted arcade cabinet or a government brainwashing experiment, it has appeared in a Nine Inch Nails music video and most recently in an episode of Marvel's new Loki show. But where did Polybius come from?

It looks like the first mention was on in the early 2000s, but the myth entered the mainstream after a 2003 issue of GamePro ran an article called Secrets and Lies which did not deny the possibility that the game existed. Thus the Polybius phenomenon began, and people started claiming to have worked on it. If that sounds intriguing, you should check out Ahoy's documentary about Polybius.

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