Amazon’s New World Beta bricking EVGA RTX 3090 Cards

Today: Square looking at demand for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on PC – Screw and weight changes for Digital revision of PS5 – We may be able to plunder and pillage in Skull & Bones soon

Players report Amazon’s New World MMO bricking EVGA RTX 3090 Cards

New World is currently running as a closed beta test until August

Amazon's New World closed beta launched yesterday, with over 190,811 people playing it on Steam at its peak, but unfortunately, there seem to be some problems with Geforce EVGA RTX 3090 Cards.

Players are reporting high temperatures and power spikes while playing New World, and it appears that in some cases it's actually ruining people's gaming rigs by bricking their RTX 3090 Cards.

  • New World is set to release on 31st August
  • MMO Fantasy RPG priced at $39.99 on launch
  • We recommend using MSI Afterburner to monitor temperatures
  • No comment received from Amazon or EVGA yet

Frying GPUs: Players have come together on forums and Reddit to discuss the issues, with some suggesting capping the game to 60FPS to help cool the situation, but with the 3090 being so expensive and hard to replace it's probably best to wait until the problem is resolved.

Response: Amazon Games or EVGA haven't commented on the reports yet, but we've reached out to both parties for comment and hope to be able to update you soon. 

Which cartoon character was an unlockable skater in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2?

a) Mickey Mouse
b) Gumby 
c) Bugs Bunny
d) Shrek

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster console ports possible if demand is high

A total and ‘consistent’ 2D pixel art overhaul

Ubisoft has just announced multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy's XDefiant, where “fast-paced firefights meet punk rock mosh pits” and you can sign up for early access now.

Square Enix has posted a Japanese Q&A about Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, and thanks to the magic of machine translation we now know much more about the upcoming collection.

  • Pixel Remaster features updated and improved pixel art
  • Remakes of the NES and SNES Final Fantasy games
  • Sold individually and as a bundle on Steam
  • No current plans for a console release

Right now the remasters are only coming to Steam, iOS and Android but Square Enix will be perfectly happy to bring it to other platforms if demand turns out to be high enough.

Repixelated: The collection includes the first six Final Fantasy games and are billed as the “ultimate 2D remasters”, and will be the first time the two first Final Fantasy games are released for PC.

Old-school: It's also the first time Final Fantasy 3 is released internationally, although a 3D remake was released on DS in 2006. Composer Nobuo Uematsu is supervising the remastering of the audio.

PlayStation 5 Digital revision at retailers

PS5 Digital Edition has no Blu-ray drive

Japanese retailers have started listing a revised PlayStation 5 Digital Edition model numbered CFI-1100B, which is reportedly 300g lighter than the CFI-1000B model and is held together by a different kind of screw. Aside from the slightly lighter footprint, the console seems to be exactly the same.

Das modell: Hardware revisions are hardly uncommon. Nintendo has released several different Switch models since launch, and console manufacturers tend to make subtle changes to their hardware over time to streamline manufacturing and supply chains and sometimes offer improvements like better battery life or improved heat dissipation.

No stock: So far, the Nojima and GEO are the only retailers listing the new model, and although GEO claims it is already available there does not appear to be any stock.

Skull & Bones in rough waters at Ubisoft

Scurvy rats giving Ubisoft devs a hard time

Ubisoft's pirate sim Skull & Bones started life as a multiplayer expansion to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, but eventually became a game of its own – yet never seems to be finished.

Current and former developers who worked on the project don't have a lot of nice things to say about it, with parts of the team being resigned to just getting it out the door in something approaching a playable state.

High turnover: The project has seen the arrival and departure of a considerable number of senior and experienced staff, while the core of the team is mostly junior developers. This has led to a difficult development process, and the project has had a lot of problems.

Finally alpha: Now the pirate sim is finally nearing alpha state, and is expected to be ready to launch sometime next year. Let's hope it rounds the cape rather than sinking without a trace.

Pull off crazy stunts with Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive returns, and tank battles are back too!

Grab the wheel and immerse yourself in ridiculous fun in Crash Drive 3, a free-roaming cross-platform online racing extravaganza featuring tank battles, beach ball smashing, and more. Enter here and share DailyBits with friends and family for a chance to win a Steam code!

Which cartoon character was an unlockable skater in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2?

Pull off a kicklip with our classic green ogre friend

ANSWER: Shrek!

What's the most 2004 thing you can imagine? Well, whatever it is, it's not as 2004 as skating with Shrek in a Tony Hawk game. Finish Tony Hawk's Underground 2 on Easy mode, and you'll unlock everyone's favourite ogre. If you wonder why in the world Shrek would appear in a skating game, the explanation is simple: Shrek 2 was released that year.

Shrek is not the first secret skater in a Tony Hawk game. You could unlock Spider-Man in Pro Skater 2, while Pro Skater 3 featured Darth Maul and Doomguy. The recent remaster Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 featured Jack Black in the mantle of Officer Dick.

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