Animal Crossing’s slender Halloween content for October

Today: Can eFootball redeem itself after its disastrous launch? — Konami might be getting back into the game development business — Sony is introducing free, time-limited demos for PlayStation 5

Spook up your island this Halloween

Day of the Dead themed items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It's October, and that means Halloween is just around the corner – and Animal Crossing: New Horizons is introducing a Spooky Set so you can celebrate in style.

The Spooky Treats Basket, Spooky Tree, and Spooky Trick Lamp will be available from Nook's Cranny in orange, yellow, green, and monochrome colours.

  • Halloween Night Event on October 31 at 5:00pm local time
  • You can unlock the Haunt and Scare reactions
  • Relatively slender content update this Halloween
  • Nintendo is holding back for a bigger update in November

Time-travel: The Spooky Set has actually been available since July thanks to the new time travel mechanic, but new players will have to wait until All Hallows Eve to get their mitts on those spooky wares.

Jack is back: The Mexican Day of the Dead will be marked with a special item on October 25th, and Halloween Candy will be on sale until October 31st when Jack's event finale begins.

What CarnEvil boss could be replaced with a less grotesque alternative?

a) Junior 
b) Evil Marie
c) Umlaut
d) Krampus

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Alan Wake makes a literary comeback

Montage of Far Cry 6

Remedy Entertainment's cult classic Alan Wake is making a comeback this week on both PC and consoles, while Far Cry 6 takes to the streets as the Yaran revolt begins.

Tuesday – October 5th

  • Alan Wake Remastered for PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX
  • BPM: Bullets Per Minute for PS4, XBO
  • Exophobia for PC, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX
  • Hell Let Loose for PS5, XSX
  • Jett: The Far Shore for PC, PS4, PS5
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes for NS
  • Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl for PC, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX
  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania for PC, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX

Thursday – October 7th

  • Far Cry 6 for PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Stadia

Friday – October 8th

  • Metroid Dread for NS
  • Tetris Effect: Connected for NS

eFootball’s launch has been a disaster

Ronaldo, Messi and Rashford, looking like they're lining up for a new horror game

You have seen gelatinous limbs flailing. You may have seen flatlander referees cursed to bear uncomprehending witness to the juddering of limbs and writhing of faces. Who could ever have expected that a football game would be the spookiest Halloween title this year?

During one match I looked into Lionel Messi’s eyes and I swear he asked me to end his suffering. The grotesque denizens of the abyss, screaming through their swollen, blocky heads, echoed his screams from the crowd. This game is not okay.

Tormented players and pancake referees are just the tip of the iceberg, though: Most of eFootball's problems lie under the surface. Konami has dismantled gameplay that had been showing real promise over the last few iterations of Pro Evolution Soccer. Gone is the sharp, responsive football experience that captured the essence of the beautiful game. In its place quivers a rattle-boned husk that could crumble at any moment.

It is impossibly difficult to build momentum in eFootball. Passing is sluggish to the point where my brain literally skips ahead to execute the next move before the ball has reached its destination. Adding power makes zero difference. You could file your tax returns in the time it takes to switch direction, and you have no guarantee that the player will decide to take the ball along.

Players will occasionally just watch the ball fly past them during an otherwise perfectly coordinated attack, and sometimes the game can't decide if you kicked the ball or an opposing player, making you question Konami’s entire strategy for the future.

Pro Evolution Soccer has had a one-year sabbatical during the transition to eFootball, but the time does not seem to have been well-spent. Challenging FIFA in terms of sales was never going to happen. Not when EA Sports dominate the licensing market, which truthfully, will always outweigh the need for superior gameplay with a casual audience.

PES fans always had their gameplay to hold onto. Brush away the awful music, incomprehensible menus and the uninspired content. It didn’t matter; PES had gameplay. Until it didn’t.

eFootball was Konami’s opportunity to show the world that it had a plan, that it was taking a bold leap into the future with a free-to-play game that didn't compromise on quality. Launching with hardly any content and little more than a promise to expand it in the future would be completely forgivable if the game played as well as its predecessors. But it doesn't, so it isn't.

Don’t let people tell you it’s just a demo. For the majority, the impression eFootball left on September 30th will be its last. Bug fixes in the future won’t sway those who were prepared to give it a chance and got burned. One has to wonder if the PES boat will ever fully make its way back, especially with FIFA 22’s general release swooping in just a day after eFootball’s debut.

This series has given us Castolo, Minanda and Adriano. Let’s try and remember it that way.

Konami rumoured to be reviving major IPs like Metal Gear and Castlevania

‘Big Boss’ lurking in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Konami is apparently looking to revive major franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and Silent Hill.

Rumours about Konami's imminent return to its former glory have been swirling ever since the company abandoned AAA games in favour of expanding its pachinko business, but this time it seems like the worm has actually turned.

Overhaul: A recent restructuring of Konami's games division has apparently resulted in a new appetite for big projects. Virtuous, who did the Switch ports of Dark Souls Remastered and the Bioshock Collection, is rumoured to be working on a Metal Gear Solid 3: Sneak Eater remake.

Third-party: Anonymous sources claim that Konami is planning on remastering the original Metal Gear Solid trilogy and that a new entry in the series is in the early stages of development. Several Silent Hill projects are also apparently underway, and Konami is working with third-party developers following the failure of its in-house productions Metal Gear Survive, Contra: Rogue Corps and eFootball 2022.

Brave Browser rewards you for surfing

Brave Browser

Maybe your internet connection is fast, but what about your browser? The Brave Browser is built from the ground up for speed, privacy and providing an ad-free Internet.

You can opt-in for ads that respect your privacy, and even earn rewards. It’s quick and easy to use, featuring the same comforts and conveniences you expect from a modern browser.

What CarnEvil boss could be replaced with a less grotesque alternative?

Junior's alternative skin in CarnEvil, changing a baby to a bear

ANSWER: Junior!

If you're looking for a light gun game for Halloween, you can't go wrong with CarnEvil. It's got everything: Silly 90s edginess, risque outfits and buckets of gore – and even a spot of unnecessary controversy thanks to its final boss: A gigantic Frankenstein-esque baby named Junior

Not everyone is always in the mood for a spot of baby killing, and perhaps recognizing this simple truth the developers added a second boss named Deaddy: A giant teddy bear with exactly the same patterns and behaviours as the monster baby. It was up to the arcade operator to decide whether customers should kill bears or babies, though. 

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