#100: Backward Compatibility Issues Resolved for PS5?

TODAY: Stellaris: Galaxy Command pulled thanks to ‘artwork theft’ — Riot Games announces six new games — Nintendo’s Ring-Con pits you against Dragaux the body-builder dragon – We are also celebrating our #100 issue today with some awesome giveaways, and with the news that DailyBits now has reached an amazing 100,000 subscribers!

Top Story

PlayStation 5’s ‘total backward compatibility’ just might happen

According to a tweet by @PSErebus, who has leaked reliable information before, Sony might have achieved more than just PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility.

Sony has already confirmed that they are investing heavily in backwards compatibility, hoping for full backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 – and if @PSErebus is right, they’re aiming for full PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 compatibility as well.

But do dreams really come true?

This would be a huge change for the industry as a whole, both since no other platform has ever offered this kind of backwards compatibility, and because it would suddenly make every publisher’s back catalogue relevant again in the blink of an eye.

PlayStation 5 is currently scheduled to launch in time for the Holidays of 2020, featuring not just better graphics, but quicker loading times, high-capacity blu-rays and a new DualShock controller. Let’s hope it also manages to bridge Sony’s past and future.

Time For A Quick Daily Quiz?

What year did EGX launch?

  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2012

The answer will be revealed at the end of this issue!

News Bits

Ghost Parade marches onto PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch

Ghost Parade is about about a young girl named Suri who gets lost in the woods. The side-scrolling action game from Lentera Nusantara Studio teams you up with 30 ghostly companions based on Indonesian mythology and folklore as you fight your way out of the forest.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command gets pulled over ‘artwork theft’

Paradox Interactive just launched Stellaris: Galaxy Command, the mobile version of their sci-fi grand strategy series. Unfortunately, the game contained some artwork that had been used without the creator’s permission, so Paradox had to halt the maiden voyage. Paradox will “perform a full content sweep and ensure this issue is resolved,” so Stellaris: Galaxy Command will remain in drydock for a little longer.

Daily Fact

Remembering ECTS – the European Computer Trade Show

EGX 2019, the UK’s biggest videogame show, starts today. Unlike E3 and TGS, there are usually no big announcements, but it often features the first chance to play many major new titles. Before EGX was established, the biggest trade show in the UK – and actually in all of Europe – was ECTS, the European Computer Trade Show.

Between 1988 and 2004, ECTS was the number of videogame trade show in Europe, and while EGX and GamesCome are consumer-oriented affairs, the ECTS was more like E3: Strictly business people and journalists.While ECTS never got as big as E3, it was still the kind of show where companies made big announcements.

ECTS started losing its mojo in 2001, as the company running the show – CMP – introduced the European Game Developers Conference. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for CMP and they pulled the plug on both shows in 2005. A few smaller events tried to fill the void, and EGX eventually took the throne – although it’s more of a consumer than trade show.

Daily News

Riot Games unveils 6 new projects, most League of Legends related

Riot Games is up to more than just League of Legends, unveiling six new projects. Most of them are based on League of Legends, like League of Legends: Wild Rift – a console and mobile MOBA – and Legends of Runeterra, a free-to-play card game along the lines of Hearthstone.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just add genres

The other projects are simply known by simple codenames: Project L is a 1v1 fighting game like Street Fighter, while Project F “explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends.”

Project A is billed as a “stylish, competitive, character-based tactical shooter for PC,” that will undoubtedly go head-to-head against Overwatch. A mobile version of their autobattler Teamfight Tactics was also announced – and a brand-new IP “set on a beautiful near-future Earth”

Ring Fit Adventure review round-up

Nintendo’s odd new Ring-Con peripheral for Switch is debuting alongside Ring Fit Adventure on October 18th. Plug in your JoyCons and get moving as you take on an evil bodybuilder dragon named Dragaux. What do the critics have to say about that?

  • CGMagazine (Score 8.5/10) – ”Ring Fit Adventure is one of the best attempts yet to blend fitness with gaming, even if gaming sometimes grabs the reins.”
  • Gameblog.fr (Score 8/10) – ”With its very efficient Ring-Con and a funny RPG game, Ring fit Adventure is a brilliant way to workout without even noticing it. If there is motivation, and a lot of space, you’ll be able to do what you want to, at your own pace, with a few smiles. A very pleasant successor to Wii Fit, indeed.”
  • IGN (Score 7.8/10) – ”Ring Fit Adventure offers an inventive fitness RPG that doesn’t quite have all the moves.”
  • GamesBeat (Score 60/100) – ”The core mission of Ring Fit Adventure is to make you forget that you’re exercising, and I think it’s only partially successful at that.”
  • Eurogamer (Score ‘Recommended’) – ”An exercise game with legs – providing you can get over your own sore legs.”
  • The Verge (Unscored) – ”I can’t tell you that Ring Fit Adventure is a proper substitute for going to the gym or a way to really get in shape. What I can say is this: it’s a polished, fun game that feels like a real workout, and, for me, it became a way I could almost seamlessly fit physical activity into my life. Even as I sit here typing this, I’m feeling a bit off about only having put in 20 minutes today. The good thing is that squeezing in another 20 is pretty simple. I just need to slay some yoga mats.”

Score pending release

  • VideoGamer (Score TBD) – ”A fitness game that actually works, Ring Fit Adventure is colourful, fun, and offers a comprehensive workout.”
  • DailyStar (Score TBD) – ”Another innovative showcase of the Joy-Con working with the new Ring-Con accessory, the fun-packed RPG mechanics makes Ring Fit Adventure the perfect gateway to fitness for gamers.”
  • TheSixthAxis (Score TBD) – ”Whether or not it sticks, I’ll have to let you know, but it’s done a good (if initially repetitive) job of feeding a range of exercises into my daily life this past week. It’s not just for beginners though, and could easily appeal to those looking to gameify their workouts.”
  • Vandal (Score TBD) – ”It is a complete experience that fulfills its objectives in a remarkable way, a video game with all the usual elements in a role story and that gives a fun purpose to the fact of sweating, and is one of the best exergaming games we have seen.”
  • My Nintendo News (Score TBD) – ”With Nintendo’s unique charm, Ring Fit Adventure is a great fitness RPG for those who enjoy exercising at their own pace. Its sensitivity to movement, ability to estimate your heart rate, and wide range of things to do within the game keeps your daily workout routine feeling invigorated and fresh. And since the Ring-Con is so versatile, it’s easy to get carried away with different pushes and pulls. [Recommended]”
  • VGC (Score TBD) – ”Ring Fit Adventure is a unique and entertaining adventure that could offer laxed gym-goers a compelling route back into exercise.”
  • EGM (Score TBD) – ”The best compliment that I can give Ring Fit Adventure is that it’s a video game that features exercise, instead of an exercise program disguised as a video game. In the two weeks that I’ve been playing my copy, I’ve legitimately regretted any day that I couldn’t play, and have always looked forward to not only exploring deeper into its adventure mode, but actually doing the workout associated with it”

Esports Roundup

League of Legends eSports Manager Announced

League of Legends eSports Manager puts you in charge of a team of League of Legends professionals, and is set to launch during the 2020 League of Legends Pro league. The game is based on actual teams and events, and part of the revenues will go to the teams featured in the game. Not much is known about the management sim yet, as Riot has yet to show any gameplay.

Puma teams up with Cloud9

Nike and Adidas have both started tapping into the eSports industry, and now Puma is pouncing on a multiyear partnership deal with North American eSports organization Cloud9. Following a sponsorship deal struck in January, which saw Puma become the official provider of player kits for Cloud9, Puma has announced a collection developed in association with Cloud9. The clothing line will be available for purchase on both Puma and Cloud9’s websites.

Puma’s global director of branding and marketing at Puma, Adam Petrick, said: “Tapping into the world of esports, and its broad, dynamic consumer audience, is critical to our marketing strategy moving forward.” Executive vice president of commercial relationships at Cloud9 chimed in, stating that “being able to transcend esports and elevate our brand within a broader global audience is the natural evolution of the growth of Cloud9”.

Blizzard ban Collegiate Hearthstone Team Cameras and Interviews

Following their heavily-criticized treatment of Hearthstone pro Blitzchung, Blizzard has decided to bring the hammer down on an American University team that also made political statements during a tournament match. Blitzchung was banned from competitions less than two days after he made his comments during a post-match interview, while Blizzard spent a week pondering whether to punish the AU Hearthstone team.

In an effort to avoid future PR disasters like this, Blizzard has confirmed that they will no longer allow collegiate Hearthstone teams to stream video or give post-match interviews following the American University’s political statements. Blizzard also cancelled their Overwatch Switch launch event at NintendoNYC for undisclosed reasons, but most likely to avoid more controversy.

With BlizzCon 2019 just around the corner, it’ll be interesting to see how the public responds and what Blizzard will do if the bad press and customer response continues.

News Bits

Warborn brings mecha conflict to PC and consoles in Spring 2020

Giant robots battle it out in Warborn, a turn-based tactical game from Raredrop Games inspired by anime mechas. Assemble an army of elite units equipped with Variable Armour suits and do battle across hexagonal terrain. Warborn arrives for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch in spring 2020.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 delayed to ensure it’s a “worthy successor”

Sorry, thinbloods but Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will be out a little later than originally planned. Developer Hardsuit Labs wants to make sure the game is a “worthy successor” to the first Bloodlines, but also avoid releasing a buggy mess like the original game, which was “famously launched too early.” Eager Kindred will have to wait until late 2020 for their embrace. Expect more information to emerge during PDXCON between October 18th and 20th.

Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

What year did EGX launch?

Answer: 2008!

The Eurogamer Expo – or EGX – is the UK’s biggest videogame show these days, and it’s been running for more than ten years! The first EGX took place at the Old Truman Brewery in London, where it was part of 2008’s London Games Festival. It was held in Earls Court for five years, but when that closed EGX 2015 moved to the NEC in Birmingham.

There are also two spin-off shows: The more PC-oriented Rezzed, which started in 2012, and a new EGX show which starts in Berlin next month. EGX 2019 is notable for being the first time the main show has been held in London since 2014 – although in the absence of Earls Court, the venue is now the ExCeL centre. Maybe we’ll see you there?

100th Issue Giveaway Celebration

Europa Universalis: The Price of Power Board Game Giveaway

Europa Universalis: The Price of Power captures the essence of Paradox Interactive’s award winning Europa Universalis PC game, and once again brings this epic strategy experience back to the tabletop.

The Kickstater campaign launched today, with a goal of £21,266 to be raised, and we’ve teamed up with Aegir Games to celebrate the launch and the mark of our 100th issue of DailyBits.

We’re going to be giving away a copy of this board game to a lucky member of our community when it launches later on next year. You can enter into the giveaway by using the widget here, and we’ll announce the winner in a week’s time. Good luck!

100 Iconoclasts Codes in 24 hours

It’s time to save the world in another DailyBits giveaway! We have 100 Iconoclasts keys to give away for this amazing platformer-adventure in a 24 hour period.

mailto:team@dailybits.news All you have to do to enter the sweepstakes is to email us at team@dailybits.news with the title Iconoclasts giveaway and your chosen platform / region – so for example if you wanted it on Nintendo Switch and lived in Europe, email us with the title Iconoclasts Giveaway Switch Europe. You can also pick PC, PS4, or PlayStation Vita. Remember, you’ve only got 24 hours to enter into this giveaway, so make sure you’re quick!

AeternoBlade II on PS4

For this week’s DailyBits giveaway we’ve got a Japanese action-puzzle-platformer for you! We are giving away 5 PS4 codes for AeternoBlade II, the fun 2.5D title from PQube with more than a hint of Castlevania. Harness the AeternoBlade and time itself to outwit your enemies and solve devious puzzles.

All you have to do to enter the sweepstakes is to email us (Once this week!) at team@dailybits.news with the subject line ‘AeternoBlade II giveaway’. We will choose five random entries over the course of the week, and each will receive a PS4 code for AeternoBlade II! It couldn’t be any easier.

Oculus Quest Giveaway Update

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally reveal the winners of our Oculus Rift giveaway that was held back in August.

Please don’t confuse this with our current Oculus Quest (just one unit this time) and Switch Lite giveaways (two of them!) which are still on going – we will be drawing and announcing the winners of those giveaways tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Here’s the winners of our previous giveaway:

  • Carl-Emil Nedergaard Jensen – Denmark
  • Bayu Priambodo – Indonesia
  • Robert Middleton – US

Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to DailyBits so far, and for sending in all your feedback, which has been extremely valuable in helping us shape the future of DailyBits.

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