Batman: Gotham Knights Reveal Date, Fall Guys Skins Leak

TODAY: Believe it or not, the Switch can actually run Crysis — Marvel games exist in their own reality — Time to blow dust off your Game Boy

Big announcements at DC FanDome

WB Games Montreal is apparently soft-rebooting Rocksteady’s Arkham series and will reveal Batman: Gotham Knights on August 22nd.

Most of the information about the new game is rumour or speculation, but it seems to focus on a wider range of heroes from the Batman universe, and their fight against Talon and the Court of Owls. Expect to learn more at DC FanDome.

Super-killer: Rocksteady’s next game is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which should also be announced at DC FanDome by none other than Will Arnett.

Two big games: Batman: Gotham Knights will be announced on August 22nd at 1.30pm ET near the start of the DC FanDome event, while the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League announcement will be at 8.00pm ET.

What was the first Grand Theft Auto game to have online multiplayer?

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto IV

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Little Big Adventure too cute for EA

Adeline Software’s classic action adventure Little Big Adventure was marketed as Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure in the regions where Activision handled distribution. Why? Little Big Adventure apparently sounded too cute, and could have put off “real gamers.”

Lead developer Serge Plagnol claimed that Electronic Arts of America repeatedly asked for a “much tougher” main character who could “kick ass”, but Adeline refused since the game’s story relied on Twinsen being a prophet rather than a warrior.

Originally launched for PC and PlayStation on CD-ROM, there were plans to bring Little Big Adventure to Game Boy Advance, but it never happened. However, it was re-released for Android and iOS in March 2014.

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Crysis Remastered Review

Developer: Saber Interactive

Version played: Nintendo Switch

There have been some seriously impressive Switch ports, and Crysis Remastered is definitely near the top of the list – Saber Interactive, who brought The Witcher 3 to Switch, has done the impossible once again. Sure, Crysis is 13 years old, but it was so far ahead of its time that it’s still considered an interesting performance benchmark for new hardware. And guess what, it’s still a great game!

Crysis stuffs you into a Nanosuit, a futuristic full-body stealth armour enhancing the wearer’s strength, speed and durability, and drops you into a tropical paradise occupied by the North Korean army. The Nanosuit makes you into a one-man army, but the military presence is still overwhelming – and something much worse is hiding in the jungle.

If you’ve played the PC version before, the Switch version might look a bit underwhelming since it’s a significant graphical downgrade, but surprisingly the control scheme is the biggest problem. Crysis on PC is complex but gets very snappy once you learn the gesture-based Nanosuit controls. The controller button mapping simply doesn’t feel as snappy and lacks the PC original’s finesse.

While the graphics have been compromised to allow Crysis to run on Switch, it remains one of the most visually impressive games on the console. Sure, it’s locked at 30FPS but it’s still Crysis, featuring lush vistas, dense foliage and a grounded yet fantastical aesthetic few other games can match.

It also plays great: The open-ended yet demanding sandbox gameplay is just as thrilling as it was in 2007, a glimpse into a future that never was. Throwing enemies through destructible buildings, mowing down palm trees and sneaking around in the undergrowth picking off enemies is still an unparalleled experience. Crysis Remastered doesn’t quite take your breath away like the original did, but that doesn’t stop it being a spectacular first-person shooter.

Score: 7/10

Thumbs up

  • Gameplay holds up in 2020
  • One of the best first-person shooters on Switch

Thumbs down

  • Sound clipping issues
  • Gameplay doesn’t fit controllers that well

Loads of skins coming to Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is both infuriating and addictive, and is crammed increasingly full of skins for your Fall Guys to wobble around in.

There is already a Team Fortress skin, and more Valve skins are on the way including one based on Chell from Portal. The first new level, Jump Showdown, was released last week.

Leaked shop schedule

  • Bulletkin – August 16
  • T-Rex – August 19
  • Flower Pot – August 25
  • Tomato – August 27
  • Z-Snap – August 27
  • Horsey – August 29
  • Monkey – August 31
  • Chell – September 3
  • My Friend Pedro – September 6

Major hit: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently only available for PlayStation 4 and PC, but Mediatonic would “love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line.” Fall Guys has sold over 2 million copies on PC and apparently has 10 million players on PlayStation 4.

Marvel games exist in their own reality

The Marvel universe might be famous for its crossovers and weird multiverse plotlines, but it does not extend into the realm of videogames: Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac and Marvel’s Avengers from Crystal Dynamics does not take place in the same world.

Sure, the PlayStation version features Spider-Man but each game has a very different take on the Marvel universe. Marvel’s The Avengers is not based on the movies, and forget about that huge Avengers tower you saw in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Alternate reality: “Each game is in the Marvel universe, but they’re in their own reality, if you will,” said Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann. “Currently, our plan is to keep each game set in its own Marvel universe.” Different realities, but the same universe. Gotcha. Does that mean the reality in the PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers is located in a different dimension from the other versions since Spider-Man is there?

Sort of sequel: Spider-Man: Miles Morales is launching alongside PlayStation 5 later this year, and is also a bit difficult to wrap your head around. It’s not a sequel, but it continues the story after the events of the first game and the The City That Never Sleeps DLC. Could there be a reality where it is a real sequel, somewhere out there in the many dimensions of the multiverse?

Today’s Gaming Deal Highlights

There are so many great deals now that it felt wrong not to share some of them ahead of the weekend’s bargain extravaganza.

Oddworld: New & Tasty – Limited Edition (pre-order) (Switch) $34.99 @ Amazon US

Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection (Switch) $19.99 @ Amazon US

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (PS4) $22.48 @ Amazon US

Dead Cells (PS4) $19.29 @ Amazon US

Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PS4) £15.99 @ Amazon UK

Everybody’s Golf VR (PS4) £14.95 @ Amazon UK

Medievil (PS4) £13.99 @ Amazon UK

The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) £10.99 @ Amazon UK

Horizon Zero Dawn – Free Comic Book (Comics) Free @ Amazon US

Frostpunk: Console Edition (Xbox One) $15.99 @ Amazon US

Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle 2020 (PC) $1 @ Humble Store

Just Cause Franchise Sale (PC) 89% off @ Humble Store

Herocraft Publisher Sale (PC) 90% off @ Humble Store

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Bulbasaur Pokemon (Funko Pop!) $5.49 @ Amazon US

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The POWA! is in your hands

Following the success of Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe last year, First Press Games are releasing the second Dot Matrix Series game POWA! as a Game Boy cartridge, compatible with a wide range of systems including the original Game Boy.

POWA! is an action-platformer that will be familiar to fans of Mario or Kirby, featuring intuitive and uncomplicated gameplay yet a generous challenge. The five levels feature multiple segments, and are punctuated by boss fights while a range of difficulties and time trials ensure replayability.

Three versions are available to pre-order now from First Press Games:

  • Regular edition, €49.99: includes a foil print box, game cartridge, in-depth manual, package inlay & survey postcard, and a silver-coloured numbered coin.
  • Limited Edition, €64.99: limited to 375 units and adds a mini CD soundtrack, mini sticker-set, A4 poster, and replaces the silver coing with a golden one.
  • Collector’s Edition, €129.99: limited to 125 units and includes both the regular and limited edition (meaning you get two copies of the game), an A2 poster, an A4 sticker sheet, magazine style bonus print, all 3 collectors coins, and a premium collector box.

Dreamscaper Steam Codes

You have a chance to nab a Steam code for Dreamscaper if you refer DailyBits to a friend! Use our widget to start earning referrals, which you can build up throughout the year to increase your chance of being selected.

Dreamscaper is releasing today on Steam for $13.99 or £10.86, and we’ve got some codes to hand out this week, with the giveaway ending next Friday.

Dreamscaper is an ARPG Roguelite blending elements from brawlers, top-down shooters, and dungeon crawlers. Every slumber is a different dungeon in an ever-changing world with a multitude of unique events and challenges. Play as Cassidy, dive into her subconscious and take on the surreal nightmares she wrestles with in order to save her from a dark fate

What was the first Grand Theft Auto game to have online multiplayer?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto IV!

Long before Grand Theft Auto Online became a multiplayer juggernaut, Rockstar tested the water with Grand Theft Auto IV’s multiplayer mode.

It wasn’t quite as ambitious as Grand Theft Auto Online, featuring competitive game modes and a much smaller play area. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t even the first online Grand Theft Auto experience since there were multiplayer mods for Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas. However, Grand Theft Auto Online is still the first truly successful attempt, both capturing and widening Grand Theft Auto’s sandbox potential.

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