Battlefield Returns For All-Out Warfare

Today: DICE expands Battlefield series to new platforms — Oculus Gaming Showcase includes footage from Resident Evil 4 in VR — New Ace Attorney brings contempt to the courts of Victorian London

Contract hints at Sony game pass service

One of Sony’s contracts have been updated to explicitly mention “rival subscription services”, such as Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass has been a real game changer for studios

A contract between Sony and Capcom regarding Resident Evil Village recently leaked, and the ‘Subscription Services’ section mentions a year-long exclusivity period where the game can not appear on “similar Competitive Platform subscriptions service.”

You shall not pass: Exclusivity agreements typically only mention hardware platforms, but Sony now specifically mentions services such as Stadia and Game Pass. It could be an indication that Sony is preparing to launch a similar service – or simply a case of a contract covering every angle, even the redundant ones. Time will tell.

What tech demo laid the technical foundation for Pikmin?

a) Super Mario 128
b) Shield Pose
c) 3D Challenge
d) Peach’s Castle

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Bartender, give me another jug of juice

Level-5’s Dark Chronicle, also known as Dark Cloud 2 in North America and South Korea, had plenty of references to alcoholic beverages – which became grape juice in the English localization.

Dark Chronicle released late 2002 for PlayStation 2

Aside from its uneasy relationship to fermentation, the game was also notable for its hybrid cel shading which mixes outlines and detailed yet strongly color-separated textures with smooth shading to produce a unique cartoon aesthetic.

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Two new Battlefield games on the way

EA DICE has announced that two new Battlefield games are in development. One promises to deliver the “return of all-out warfare” to PC and console, while the other is for mobile.

Major new Battlefield launching 2022

EA DICE CEO Oskar Gabrielson gives more details about the projects in a blog post. Criterion and DICE LA are supporting development of the new flagship Battlefield game, while DICE in Gothenburg continues work on the Frostbite engine.

Total war: “I can tell you it is a bold step. It has everything we love about Battlefield – and takes all of it to the next level,” boasts Gabrielson. “Epic scale. All-out military warfare.” Expect massive battles and next-generation destructible environments.

Mobile tactics: The mobile game is developed by DICE and Industrial Toys, and is a completely separate game. Considering the success of games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, it is probably a wise move for the venerable series.

Oculus Gaming Showcase round-up

Facebook has just hosted their first Oculus Gaming Showcase event, a 25 minute show highlighting both upcoming and already released games for the Oculus VR platform.

Facebook’s debut Oculus Gaming Showcase

Showcase highlights

Atelier Mysterious Trilogy DX up for grabs

The Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack is almost here and we’ve got some codes to giveaway for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The JRPG pack includes three games which can all be bought separately, but this week you could maybe get all three by being subscribed to DailyBits

3-in-1 with Atelier Mysterious Trilogy DX

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What tech demo laid the technical foundation for Pikmin?

ANSWER: Super Mario 128!

So many Marios, not enough time...

Games are often accused of being little more than tech demos, but there is usually a huge difference between a tech demo and the finished product. Take Super Mario 128, for example: A tech demo used to demonstrate the power of the GameCube at the Nintendo Space World trade show in 2000, it showed 128 Marios running around on an undulating terrain that eventually turned into a pizza.

The demo was directed by Yoshiaki Koizumi, who went on to direct Super Mario Galaxy, and yielded important research into the problem of making many characters move and interact with a complex terrain simultaneously, which inspired another successful series produced by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto himself: Pikmin.

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