Gummy Cat talks about Bear and Breakfast’s soothing gameplay and inspirations

Try not to embearass your guests

What would you do if your innkeeper was a bear? Gummy Cat has decided to answer that in its first developed game. In Bear and Breakfast, you play as Hank; a bear who makes a Bed and Breakfast for humans. This means you’ll be both fixing up an old shack to make it fit for humans, whilst also figuring out more about the woods and its many inhabitants.

Mixing zoomed-in management with an adventure game narrative, it’s the first official title by Romanian team Gummy Cat. We were able to learn more about the game’s development from Game Director Rareș Cinteză and Art Director Loana Șopov.

Hank the Bear is seen out in the wilderness, searching for materials

Gummy Cat’s Gaming Origins: Consoles were a luxury in Eastern Europe, so PCs were the team’s main introduction to gaming. This made the choice to make a Management game easy, as they grew up with them.

Notable influences include The Guild: Gold and Theme Hospital, but city builders hold a special place in their hearts.

“I played almost every single Sierra published city-builder, with Caesar 3 being my all-time favourite, and I wept alongside the rest of the community when the launch of SimCity 5 pretty much marked the end of at least some part of my childhood (despite being 23 at the time)”.

From Pun to Game: Bear and Breakfast began as a basic pun that got out of hand. It also helped that was an available web domain for the team too.

“While it started from an arguably superficial place, we grew in love with the idea of playing as a bear, going through various iterations of what that’d be like, including the first draft where the guests were the breakfast. Over time, Hank grew into a staple character for us and tricked us into researching so much about bears that I can’t really imagine talking about anything else now.

From Prototype to Publisher: In 2019, they started a prototype for Bear and Breakfast with the help of a couple of friends and their personal savings. After that, they pitched the idea to multiple publishers. “I was extremely fortunate at the time to work for a developer that allowed me to travel to shows like PAX West, where I could schedule meetings with publishers and fundraisers”.

Bear and his beautifully constructed inn

Armor Games is publishing Bear and Breakfast, which the team at Gummy Cat found to be a miracle. They knew Armor more for its indie publishing than its flash game roots, but that wasn’t the biggest surprise. “What caught me completely off-guard was how extremely nice and kind its team is and how, at every point of our collaboration so far, they made us feel like people.”

Part Builder, Part Adventure: Fitting its PC Gaming roots, Gummy Cat is merging management stylings with an adventure game-like mystery in Bear and Breakfast. “Trying to blend the genres was very naturally followed by trying to blend themes such as exterior growth (you build stuff) with interior growth (you also build yourself). Obviously, a mysterious element was the perfect catalyst to break some of the monotony sometimes associated with management games.”

A 2021 Release: Bear and Breakfast is planned to be released this year for Switch and PC. “Since it is our first game, we’re trying to run a tight ship for now, focusing on the platforms we announced, but nothing is off the table.”

Bear and Breakfast Developer interview

No specific release date has been confirmed, but Gummy Cat told us it should be close to revealing a more specific date in the future.

It’s been a tricky year to develop a game, let alone your first one during a pandemic. “We all had at least some experience working in the gaming or creative industries, which obviously made it easier, but didn’t spare us the many, many, many, many, many mistakes that come with creating your first game”.

It’s been a rough year for Gummy Cat to develop Bear and Breakfast, but it’s almost there for gamers to meet Hank and join him on his business endeavors.