Black Desert is entirely free until April 13th

Grab a free copy of the Black Desert MMO on Steam

You can grab Pearl Abyss' fantasy MMO Black Desert for free on Steam right now, and jump into a living and breathing sandbox with fast-paced combat, monster hunting, and huge boss showdowns.

There have been many updates and expansions since Black Desert launched in 2017, and the latest patch introduced new content such as The Destroyer of the Ynix, Drakania, and the always chilly Mountain of Eternal Winter.

Black Desert’s The Destroyer of the Ynix, Drakania

Patch Notes: Newly created characters can choose to start in the Mountain of Eternal Winter or the Ancient Stone Chamber, and there are new monster zones in the frostbitten mountain.

Expansion: The Eternal Winter expansion launched last month, adding a wide range of social activities and minigames in addition to the core combat experience.