Capcom’s Exoprimal isn’t related to Dino Crisis

Today: Microsoft dominates Metacritic’s 12th publisher ranking — Gotham Knights will be out just in time for Halloween — Princess Peach finally gets her very own Lego set

New PlayStation State of Play today

PlayStation State of Play banner

Sony broadcast the latest State of Play event last night, with loads of news and announcement packed into its 22 minute running time. The opening had loads of Capcom fans excited about a new Dino Crisis, but no: It's Exoprimal

Other highlights include a new Ghost: Tokyo launch trailer, and new footage from Square Enix's recently delayed Forspoken.

F2P Gundam: More free-to-play first-person shooters on the way for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, such as Gundam Evolution, while a brand-new Valkyrie game called Valkyrie Elysium is in the works and scheduled for launch later this year.

War embargo: It was not mentioned in the State of Play broadcast, but Sony will no longer sell games or hardware in Russia, and will donate $2 million to the UNHCR.

What is Luke Atmey’s catchphrase in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations?

a) Shazam!
b) Elementary!
c) Zvarri!
d) Gadzooks!

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Microsoft tops Metacritic ranking

Metacritic 2022 Game Publisher Rankings banner

Metacritic has averaged the scores of all the games released in 2021 and has put together its 12th annual game publisher rankings, which ranks publishers by the quality of their releases.

Each publisher is awarded points based on their average metascores, and only those who have launched “five or more distinct titles” qualify. The ranking excludes iOS games.

Rankings: The top spot goes to Xbox Game Studios, who previously ranked sixth, followed by Sony who previously held fourth place. Humble Games took third place, while Activision Blizzard took fourth.

’Great’ games: Bethesda Softworks came in fifth, meaning Microsoft technically has three spots in the top ten. Capcom was in sixth place, Bandai Namco in seventh, Sega in eighth, Electronic Arts in ninth and finally 505 Games in tenth place.

Gotham Knights finally has a release date

Gotham Knights launch date artwork

WB Games Montréal has announced that Gotham Knights will start their vigilante campaign on October 25th.

Gotham Knights follows a clutch of extremely dedicated Batman fans – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin – as they attempt to restore justice to Gotham following the untimely deaths of erstwhile caped crusader Bruce Wayne and police commissioner James Gordon.

Solo & co-op: The four characters can be cycled between in solo play, or shared across a group of friends when playing co-op. Either way, you'll be up against the Court of Owls.

Not a sequel: The story is not set in the Batman: Arkham series universe, despite featuring the same characters and a rather similar style. The Gotham Knights are banding up on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Get your fill of bargain bin high octane fun

Best of Boomer Shooters Bundle banner

If you need to let off some steam, the Adrenaline Fuelled Sale provides all the bargain bin pew pew you will ever need, including deeply discounted Doom and Wolfenstein fun. If you're in a more cerebral mood (but wouldn't mind a spot of pew pew), the 2K Publisher Sale offers up to 94% off Civilization, XCOM and Borderlands.

If you're still missing some classics from your Capcom collection, the Capcom BYOB lets you pick and mix from most of Capcom's extensive catalogue including Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Street Fighter. Finally, the Best of Boomer Shooters Bundle will satisfy all your retro shooter cravings.

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What is Luke Atmey’s catchphrase in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations?

Luke Atmey breaking down after getting caught in a contradiction

ANSWER: Zvarri!

Ace Attorney would be nothing without its large, varied cast of colorful characters, but some of them are more classic than others – like detective Luke Atmey. Obsessed with alliteration, he relishes in condescension even as he spouts his silly catchphrase. In a series all about narcissistic and delusional suspects and witnesses, Luke manages to be in a class of his own.

His haughty personality makes his eventual confession of petty theft even more surprising – although it turns out it was all a part of the plan. The theft is simply an alibi for the murder your client is accused of, and boy is it satisfying to finally beat the master detective at his own game.

Watching the State of Play live last night and the stream was buffering, then it went all macroblocky, but suddenly we refreshed and Regina was on the screen… Capcom, you heart breakers 💔

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