Century: Age of Ashes Hands-on Preview – Spoils of War Mode, Dragons and new classes

Time to wing it in Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes invites you to take to the skies on the back of your very own flying, fire-breathing monster and engage in scale-shattering aerial combat.

I like dragons. In fact, I like them a lot: They are my favourite fantasy creatures and it's always a good day when they feature prominently in a game, like Icarus, Skyrim or the Neverwinter games. It should not surprise you, dear reader, that Century: Age of Ashes gets my blood boiling.

Player is seen riding a fire breathing dragon, as they swoop through the castle grounds, besieging the defenders

The game puts dragons front and center, and the whole game is about being a dragon rider and battling other dragons and best of all – this is the finest dragon-riding action I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Free-to-play with top-tier graphics, multiplayer and mind-blowingly fluid flying. If you're into dragons, then Century: Age of Ashes is going to be wildly satisfying.

Player with Dragon looking out onto the sunset and enjoying the view

Ashes to Ashes, Gold to Gold: Playwing is still hard at work adding whatever they can to make this a masterpiece. That includes new dragons, additional classes, new maps, and of course cosmetics. One of the big upcoming additions that I've had the pleasure of testing is the Spoils of War mode.

Spoils of War is a fast-paced, strategic, cooperative game mode where you and your fellow dragoneers compete together to burninate your enemies and collect treasure, all taking place on a symmetrical map named Jaarlandtir Harbour. It is definitely my favourite game mode out of the three available: The fast-paced action, teamwork and skills truly raise the heat.

New map? New possibilities: "The mode is popular with the team so we do believe it could add something pretty cool to the Century experience," said Associate Producer Joaquim Lancesseur at Playwing. "I believe we do need to build more maps that actually support Spoils of War, so we will definitely make more maps for it."

Could Jaarlandtir Harbour be used for other modes like Carnage and Gates of Fire? Lancesseur says the team is considering it: "We are planning actually to have more players fit into the Harbour. Other modes can be actually transposed to Jaarlandtir Harbour, so it's possible that the map can actually host other types of gameplay."

A beautiful dragon: The team doesn't want to tell exactly what the next class will be, or what kind of dragon will be introduced alongside it, but they're not afraid to hint a little: "We do have internally a roadmap for new classes, but I cannot really go into great detail about it now. The only thing that I can say is that we are definitely working on the fourth class as we speak, it will be a beautiful dragon!"

Century: Age of Ashes launches for PC on December 2nd and will follow in PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S a little later.

Previewed by Dominique’ McClain