Christmas Begins in Pokemon Go, Original Switch Concept

Today: Get into the spirit of Christmas with Pokémon winter outfits — Switch was supposed to be a DS follow-up, not a home console — Could Microsoft be cancelling Halo Infinite for Xbox One?

Sony streamlines backwards-compatibility

PlayStation 5 is backwards-compatible with most of the PlayStation 4 library, but has still managed to confuse people who are not entirely sure which version of the game they are playing.

Be super sure what game version you’re playing now

Sony is addressing the problem in a new firmware update that prompts you to confirm which version you want to play. When you launch a game, you will be asked whether you want to switch to the PlayStation 5 version, or continue playing the PlayStation 4 one.

Mixed messages: Some games feature upgraded and optimized PlayStation 5 versions, but not everyone has managed to actually activate the improved version since Sony's backwards-compatibility is not quite as streamlined as Microsoft's Smart Delivery system.

Bucking bronco: PlayStation 5 backwards-compatibility has a bit of a wild west approach, with certain major titles being updated for free, others having conditions attached and the majority depending on the original programming. EA, for example, has their own upgrade system – no doubt to the chagrin of Microsoft, who is trying to streamline backwards-compatibility.

Which television show gets a shout-out in the intro of Duke Nukem?

a) Oprah
b) Dr. Phil
c) Maury
d) Live with Regis and Kathie Lee

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No juicers allowed at the Olympics games

The sporty Sega and Nintendo crossover Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games features code for a whole bunch of unused characters that can only be played if you patch an emulated version, including Silver, Jet, Cream, Big, Espio, Rouge, Donkey Kong, Birdo and Goomba. Maybe they failed drug testing?

Kong later competes after a stint in rehab

Donkey Kong and Silver became playable in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, but the rest of the roster had to sit out the competition.

The idea of Sonic and Mario appearing in an official Olympics game was originally dismissed as a particularly silly April Fools gag, but turned out to not only be real but quite successful as well.

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Pokémon Go rolls out Holiday Event

The yuletide is upon us, and that means the annual Pokémon Go Holiday Event is starting all over the world, and will last until December 31st.

Winter outfits, Sync Pairs and bug fixes this Holiday

Pokémon Masters EX has just been updated with the new Theme Skills system as well as changes to various Sync Pairs. The level cap has been raised to 130.

Pokémon Go

  • Holiday Event begins
    • From December 22nd until December 31st
    • Vanillite added
    • Winter outfits for Pikachu, Cubchoo and Delibird
    • New Raids, Field Research and more
  • Next Community Day revealed
    • Happens on January 16th
    • Focusing on Machop, who can use Payback
    • Special Research "Straight to the Top, Machop!"
      • Free for owners of Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto tickets
      • Ticket can be purchased for $1, which starts research
    • Community Day Box for 1,280 Coins
  • AR Photo a Day challenge celebration
    • Use code TRFJVYZVVV8R4 before January 1st
    • Redeem 30 Ultra Balls, 10 Max Revives and 1 Lucky Egg

Pokémon Masters EX

  • Game updat addresses bugs
  • New Sync Pairs and Theme Skills introduced
  • Sync Pairs can now reach level 130

Pokémon Sword & Shield

  • Update 1.3.1 applies undisclosed fixes

Leaks reveals Switch design process

Various leaked documents from Nintendo has shed new light on the ideas behind Switch and the console design process.

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid handheld console

According to the files, Switch was originally planned as a portable handheld platform without any dock. The idea was to wirelessly cast gameplay to smart TVs at 480p.

Two 3DS duct-taped together: The console's expected life cycle was 5 years, and it was supposed to feature no-glasses 3D like the 3DS. It was not clear whether it would stick to the dual-screen concept Nintendo introduced with the original DS in 2004, but it was supposed to support Streetpass, Spotpass and pedometer features.

Change of heart: Obviously, none of that happened in the end, and Switch became the world-conquering hybrid console we know and love today. The Switch Lite might be closer to the original concept, but it's unlikely that Nintendo has much time to ponder what could have been since they're so busy printing money.

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Which television show gets a shout-out in the intro of Duke Nukem?

ANSWER: Oprah!

What, are you gonna tell Duke friggin Nukem he can’t like Oprah

Duke Nukem is most famous for his late-90s 3D spectacular Duke Nukem 3D and its extremely delayed sequel Duke Nukem Forever, but he started out as the star of two run-and-gun platformers. Duke Nukem still hadn’t solidified into the wildly macho blond beast he would later become, and in the first game’s intro he openly admits watching Oprah.

Sure, Duke Nukem is famous for pop culture references, but it is hard to imagine him lounging on the sofa eating ice cream and watching Oprah Winfrey give away family-friendly cars and interviewing celebrity guests. Maybe that’s why the version of the intro that plays in the Duke Nukem museum in Duke Nukem Forever omits the whole Oprah Winfrey reference? Don’t be ashamed Duke, we all watched Oprah in the early 90s!

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