Cloud streaming Xbox Series X games to Xbox One

Today: Could the retro video game bubble be about to burst – WarioWare needs to get its multiplayer options together – XEL is a sci-fi Zelda-like adventure with puzzles and dungeons

Official Xbox Stream for Gamescom 2021

Diagonal close-up of Xbox logo

Microsoft has hosted its Official Xbox Stream as we begin Gamescom 2021, which is due to kick-off officially this evening. Perhaps the biggest news from last night's showcase was the news that Xbox Series X games will be streamed to Xbox One consoles using cloud technology.

Using Xbox Game Pass and xCloud you’ll be capable of playing Xbox Series X titles on your older Xbox One just in time for Christmas, as Microsoft keeps expanding the library and reach of its flagship subscription service.

Highlights Include:

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Gameplay footage was aired (Dec. 7, 2021), Into the Pit was revealed along with the news that it'll be available on Gamepass (Oct. 19, 2021), Age of Empires 4 offered up a Trebuchet history lesson (Oct. 28, 2021), and the expansion Wastelands 3 Cult of the Holy Detonation was revealed (Oct. 5, 2021).

Sea of Thieves is getting a Borderlands crossover (Out Now), State of Decay 2 Homecoming update revealed as the game celebrates 10 million players (Sep. 1, 2021), Stray Blade revealed for Xbox Series X (TBA 2022), Crusader Kings 3 confirmed and officially coming to consoles (Soon), Psychonauts 2 (Out Now), and The Gunk (Dec. 2021).

Which Star Trek video game contained a shout-out to Led Zeppelin?

a) Star Trek: 25th Anniversary 
b) Star Trek: Elite Force
c) Star Trek: Borg
d) Star Trek: Legacy

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

WarioWare: Get It Together! is ‘local only’

Logo artwork for WarioWare: Get It Together!

The official store page for WarioWare: Get It Together! reveals the game only uses online services for just one thing: sharing your scores for weekly leaderboard updates.

This will be a bit disappointing for some who thought they might be able to use Nintendo Switch Online to play with friends and take on the hundreds of weird microgames.

Local only: Both the Story Mode and the Variety Pack Mode is strictly for local play. WarioWare: Get It Together! will be releasing for the Switch on September 10 with a demo out now.

Party time: WarioWare is a comedy spin-off featuring party games with Wario in the spotlight and was first introduced in 2003 for the GameBoy Advance with the game WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania.

Vibrant “sci-fi Zelda-like” XEL announced

In-game early alpha view of XEL’s environment

Assemble Entertainment and developer Tiny Roar have announced its ambitiously vibrant game called XEL, which is described as a “sci-fi Zelda-like” adventure with puzzles, dungeons, and fighting.

It’s in development for PC and consoles with Assemble releasing some early alpha footage of the game. We play as Reid who is shipwrecked on the planet XEL with no memory of her former life.

Breath of XEL: “Ready your sword and shield as you explore the overworld of XEL and dive into imposing Zelda-like dungeons full of unforeseen threats and challenging puzzles,” notes the trailer.

3D adventure: It features dungeon diving, a “deep combat system”, plenty of gadgets & guns, a deep mystery to unravel, and special abilities around ‘spacetime’ to unlock and master. It’s out 2022.

More publisher sales at Humble Bundle

Publisher sales banners from Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is keeping the good sales time rolling with yet more publisher-wide discounts and we’ve got another three for your attention. There’s the Capcom Sale with as much as 80% off.

Then there’s the Deep Silver Sale joining in with some big franchises up to 80% off too, and thirdly the Focus Home Interactive Sale also taking some big 80% chunks outta the price tag!

Which Star Trek video game contained a shout-out to Led Zeppelin?

A puzzle room in the NES Star Trek game, featuring some

ANSWER: Star Trek: 25th Anniversary!

The Star Trek games are not only numerous, but pretty absurd. One of the craziest examples came from a Star Trek title on the NES celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary. What sort of bizarre things may you find on new alien worlds and cultures? How about seventies rock?

During one mission, you face a room full of tiles that you must step in the correct order or else you’ll be hurt. While the symbols are decidedly lowres, it’s clear to any Rock and Roll fan that the correct order makes up the symbols that appear on the classic album Led Zeppelin IV. It’s good to know that even on alien worlds, somebody is attempting that guitar solo on Stairway to Heaven.

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