Could subscription-based future harm creativity for Games?

Today: Microsoft introduces parental controls for microtransaction on Xbox — Cracking Resident Evil Village solves performance problems — Watch Pokémon Players Cup IV live on Twitch and YouTube

Google to give devs 70% Stadia Pro revenue share ‘based on play time’

Stadia struggles to maintain confidence it its platform

Google is planning to introduce a revenue share scheme to Stadia, with 70% of Stadia Pro revenue being divided among developers based on the amount of engagement with their games.

The revenue-sharing scheme applies to games that can be claimed by Stadia Pro subscribers, and new arrivals to the service. Developers were concerned that this would be the only way to earn money on Stadia, and could harm creativity for indie games, but the revenue share comes in addition to other compensation.

  • Stadia measures engagement in ‘session days’
  • ‘Click-to-Play’ affiliate links are coming in 2022
  • A game must accrue $500 in link clicks before payout
  • 85/15 revenue split for ”newly signed” games under $3 million
  • These announcements were made at GDC 2021

Season passes: That means engagement is the measure of success on Stadia, a rather different model from the still-dominant upfront payment model most games use. Free-to-play, as well as premium games with season-based content schedules, are growing more popular on PC and consoles as well, and major series like Assassin's Creed are being reimagined for this model.

Join the club: Several major publishers and platform holders are introducing subscription services, such as Xbox Game Pass, EA Play, and Ubisoft+. That means engagement rates might become ever more important business goals for games as revenue share could become the most lucrative way for developers to make money from their games.

Netflix's Progress: Meanwhile, Netflix has been making moves with its own gaming arm, by bringing in ex VP of content for Facebook Reality Labs, Mike Verdu, who's also known for working at EA Los Angeles as the senior producer for C&C Generals. Verdu will be VP of game development at Netflix, which aims to add video games to its subscription service sometime in the next year.

The good news is that Netflix doesn't plan to charge extra for the games service, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Which rock group inspired the names of the Ogre Battle games?

a) Rush
b) Queen
c) Project X
d) Led Zeppelin

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Big Daddy is big ugly reveals concept art

Burn it with fire - regular, plasma or nuclear

One of the concept artists who worked on BioShock drew an unpleasant picture of what sits under those diving bells the Big Daddies carry around while protecting their Little Sisters.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Big Daddies won't be winning any beauty pageants any time soon: They have faces not even a mother could love, and look like Jabba the Hutt, Krang and Patrick Star were run through a meatgrinder together.

Xbox to limit microtransaction spending

Review and limit spending across Xbox

Microsoft is planning to update their Xbox Family Settings app so limits can be imposed on in-game microtransactions, preventing unsupervised children from spending huge amounts of money.

The new app allows users to set up a limit global limit for all games, and sends a notification to the card holder when the limit is crossed with an option to allow the purchase to go through. The app will also show what purchases have been made.

Expensive games: In 2013, Apple agreed to pay $100 million in compensation to US customers who had racked up huge bills by letting children use their phones and spending vast sums in predatory free-to-play apps. Another horror story from 2015 involved an 11-year-old in the UK racking up a £3000 bill on Google Play.

Pirated Resident Evil Village ‘runs better’

Pirates have the last laugh for now

It's an old and sad truism that paying customers get a worse experience than pirates, and this appears to be the case with Resident Evil Village.

Applying a crack to the latest entry in Capcom's long-running series solves many of the performance issues that plague the game, including sudden frame drops when killing enemies and compromised performance when screen-filling particle effects are shown.

Blame it on the DRM: The cracking group responsible for the patch claim the performance issues are caused by the Denuvo anti-piracy software, and Capcom's own integration with it.

CPU spikes: For some reason, particularly CPU-intensive DRM code kicks in during certain animations, which causes the reduced performance. DRM is often accused of ruining the fun for paying customers without doing much to stop piracy.

Capcom's response: We reached out to Capcom for comment, and they told us that a patch is coming and will be released soon; "The team is currently looking into the reported PC performance issues and are working on a patch that should be available soon – we’ll follow up with more details shortly."

Which rock group inspired the names of the Ogre Battle games?

Te o toriatte konomama ikou

ANSWER: Queen!

Queen was big in Japan, and it’s not unusual to see game developers pay tribute to the band – but few games are as steeped in adoration as the first Ogre Battle games. First of all, the game is named after a track on Queen’s second album, Queen II. The subtitle of the first game, March of the Black Queen, was also the name of another track on the same album.

The next game in the series, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, is named after the song Teo Torriatte from Day at the Races. The series toned down the Queen homages after that, presumably causing many a Queen fan sheer heart attack.

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