Deathloop fans angry at stutters on PC

Today: Now you can finally add more storage to your PlayStation 5 — Star Wars: Hunters looks like a serious mobile multiplayer game — Next year’s Call of Duty returns to the Modern Warfare storyline

Deathloop stutters on PC enrages gamers

Animation of Deathloop gameplay

Even high-end PCs struggle to maintain consistent framerates in Arkane Studios' Deathloop, despite a generous range of visual settings.

Arkane's latest builds on both Dishonored and Prey, and carries on the studio's signature visual style with impressive environments and incomparably tasteful interiors. Unfortunately, PC gamers just aren't seeing Deathloop from its best side at the moment.

  • Deathloop’s overall rating on Steam is currently “mixed”
  • Major stuttering issues affect even high-end PCs
  • Some speculate the issues are caused by DRM technology Denuvo
  • Deathloop supports optional PvP invasions

Stutterloop: Whatever the cause, PC players are not happy and the usual howls about poor optimization and lazy developers are ringing through the halls of gamerdom.

Anti-tamper: Another popular target of derision is the anti-piracy solution Denuvo, which hampered performance in Resident Evil Village. On the other hand, the game simply has pretty advanced graphics, supporting for example ray-traced lighting and requiring an RTX 2060 at recommended levels. Arkane Studios are looking into the issues, and should hopefully have a fix ready soon. 

What year was the Mother 3 fan translation completed?

a) 2005
b) 2006
c) 2008
d) No one would dare try that.

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Storage expansion for PlayStation 5 and bluetooth headset support for Switch

Opened PS5 console with an M.2 SSD expansion

The latest PlayStation 5 firmware update is out today, adding new UX features, various customisation options, 3D audio support for TV speakers and M2 SSD storage expansion.

PS Remote Play now works over mobile networks, and the PS App will start supporting Share Screen broadcasts on September 23rd. You can look at the full change list on the PlayStation blog.

Bluetooth: In other firmware update news, Switch now supports Bluetooth headphones so you can finally hook up your AirPods for the ultimate in wireless gaming on the go.

Limitations: Only one Bluetooth device can be connected at one time, however, so if you connect an audio device via Bluetooth you can only have one pair of Joy-Cons wirelessly connected to the Switch as long as the audio device is in use.

A brief glimpse of Star Wars: Hunters

Gameplay screenshot of Star Wars: Hunters

Zynga has published a cinematic trailer for the upcoming free-to-play squad-based shooter Star Wars: Hunters, and gameplay footage from the Switch version has also leaked.

Star Wars: Hunters is also coming to iOS and Android, and lets you play as a variety of characters ranging from Jedi and Sith to wookies and even jawas. The gamplay footage is very short, though, so it's hard to get a strong sense of the full range of characters or their play styles.

Gameplay peek: The footage appears in an iPad Mini advert at the recent Apple event where the iPhone 13 range was also unveiled.

Full launch 2022: Star Wars: Hunters will be soft-launched in a limited range of territories, meaning certain regions will get to play the mobile version early. Star Wars: Hunters was announced for Switch during a Nintendo Direct stream in February, and the final release date has yet to be announced.

Be the Bad Guy over at Humble Bundle

Be the Bad Guy Games Bundle sale banner

Take a break from being a Boy Scout hero and enjoy life as a poster child of badness. Right now there’s a Be the Bad Guy Game Bundle on sale over at Humble Bundle where you pay what you want.

Chip in at least £9.43 and you’ll get all six games; Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager, the Definitive Editions of Mafia II & III, Dungeons 3, Postal 2 and Postal Redux.

What year was the Mother 3 fan translation completed?

Mother 3's hero, Lucas, talks to a villager from Tazmily.

ANSWER: 2008!

Mother 3 is a cult classic that was never actually released outside Japan. It’s hard to tell whether that was because Earthbound failed to make a splash on Western shores or if Mother 3 was simply too dark for the family-friendly image Nintendo cultivated in the west, but it fell to ardent fans to localize it.

The fan translation into English was completed in 2008 by a group from, a gigantic effort since Mother 3 features over a thousand pages of dialogue. The fan translation was a resounding success and was downloaded over 100,000 times in just one week. Since it’s very unlikely that Nintendo will ever localize Mother 3 themselves, the fan translation is the best way to experience the quirky Game Boy Advance RPG.

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