Duncan Jones wants a Full Throttle TV adaptation

Today: Phil Spencer reveals that Microsoft has changed the way it deals with Activision Blizzard — UK industry mourns the loss of Stewart Gilray — Charity streamers raise an astonishing amount

WarCraft director wants to go Full Throttle

Full Throttle opening cinematic

Writer and director Duncan Jones would love to bring point-and-click classic Full Throttle to the big screen – or at least on Disney+ – and would appreciate fans giving Disney Studios a nudge.

Full Throttle follows the exploits of Ben Throttle, leader of the biker gang Polecats, as he attempts to clear his name and stop the hostile takeover of Corley Motors, the last remaining motorcycle manufacturer in America.

  • Tim Schafer was delighted by Jones’ screenplay
  • Disney owns LucasFilm and all its intellectual property
  • Full Throttle Remastered launched in April 2017

Cult classic: Full Throttle was written and designed by Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman, and is one of the last games from Lucasarts' golden age in the early-to-mid 90s. It was Lucasarts' first truly cinematic adventure game, employing full-motion video and ambitious cinematography instead of sprite animations.

2020 draft: Jones wrote the first draft of a movie adaptation in 2020, and released it online. It remains surprisingly faithful to the original story and dialogue and is a good read whether you're a fan or not.

What card game can you play in Knights of the Old Republic?

a) Triple Triad
b) Kiughfids
c) Trok
d) Pazaak

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Phil Spencer talks metaverse, banhammers and Activision Blizzard

Phil Spencer, EVP of Gaming at Microsoft

Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer recently talked to New York Times about recent events in the games industry, including how the scandals at Activision Blizzard changed Microsoft's relationship to one of the biggest players in the business.

While he maintains that he is “not going to talk publicly” about exactly how their relationship has changed, Spencer says that the revelations changed how they “do certain things” but it’s not about “virtue-shaming” or moral grandstanding: “Xbox's history is not spotless” either.

Metagaming: On the subject of the much-vaunted metaverse, Spencer said that games have already been building virtual worlds populated with virtual characters for decades, and will be a natural leader in that market.

Banhammer: On the subject of online harassment and free speech, Spencer proposed service-agnostic blocklists that would help users avoid interacting with troublemakers across platforms and networks. Block someone in one place and they will be blocked everywhere, effectively a crossplay ban. 

Founder and CEO of UK studio Just Add Water dies from COVID-19 at age 51

Concept art of Just Add Water game franchises

The UK games industry mourns the loss of Stewart Gilray, co-founder and CEO of Leeds-based development studio Just Add Water.

Gilray was hospitalized with COVID-19 before Christmas and suffered complications that led to his death at age 51. He had refused vaccination due to his life-long fear of needles.

Phobia: “Stewart had a serious fear of needles. In all seriousness, in 25 years he had one blood test," according to his wife Bec Gilray. "He had all these plans and Covid got him. Please, just get vaccinated."

Legacy: Gilray worked as a programmer at studios like Psygnosis and Bullfrog Productions before helping found Just Add Water, and most recently helped revive the Oddworld series with Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty.

Rescue Party: Live PC keys need a home

Rescue Party: Live! animation

We have some Rescue Party: Live! keys for Steam burning a hole in our virtual pocket, so you could be the lucky owner of a charming local co-op party game by Tag Studio and 505 Games!

Save the day by entering our Rescue Party: Live Giveaway and prepare to fumble and stumble your way through danger alone or with up to three chums when the game launches on January 13th.

Get a good deal on God of War

God of War title art

IndieGala's NACON Sale offers up to 90% off on 84 games spanning a slew of genres like fishing, racing, hunting, brawling, simulating, and loads more.

IndieGala also has a pre-purchase offer lopping 16% off God of War for PC! If you're up for more mythological action, Ubisoft’s Immortals Fenyx Rising – Gold Edition is 60% off until next week.

  • Early build of Horizon Forbidden West leaks online revealing the entire core game for PlayStation 4, but missing art assets
  • Content streamers making millions for charities with the Z Event in 2021 raising an astonishing $11.5 million
  • Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 update from Ubisoft Montreal reveals Creative Director is stepping aside and will be replaced by a “new but familiar face”
  • 3D print an adapter that makes DualSense controllers one-handed using a blueprint shared online by accessibility-minded maker
  • Lego delays Lego Overwatch 2 Titan set due to the “continuing allegations” of misconduct against Activision Blizzard

What card game can you play in Knights of the Old Republic?

A variety of pazaak cards in Knights of the Old Republic II

ANSWER: Pazaak!

Many RPGs feature card games, and Knights of the Old Republic is no exception. Pazaak is played in bars and cantinas across the galaxy, and it's nowhere near as complex as Gwent or Triple Triad. It's essentially Space Blackjack: Get as close as you can to 20 without going over.

The twist is that each player has a side deck so they can swap cards from their hands. Pazaak may not be the most fondly remembered part of Knights of the Old Republic, but it still has its fans and they presumably wonder whether the Knights of the Old Republic remake will also bring back their favourite card game.

Quite a few of our readers emailed in yesterday to mention what games they had played for over 500 hours; World of Warcraft, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Rocket League, and Minecraft came out on top.

If you had to pick one game to turn into a TV series, what would it be?

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