EA Motive’s Star Wars Future, Nintendo Switch Milestone

Today: Sega is selling part of its Japanese arcade business — Loads of footage showing improved next-gen loading times is appearing online — Officially there is no new Star Wars game from EA Motive

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Switch has sold over 68.3 million units

Switch is officially Nintendo’s second best-selling console of all time, and has now outsold the classic Nintendo Entertainment System.

It’s been an incredible fiscal year so far for Nintendo

There is still some way to go before the Switch catches up to the Wii, which sold a staggering 101.63 million units and has produced 456.49 million software sales. The numbers come straight from Nintendo's financial report.

Booming sales: Digital software sales have increased dramatically, rising 139.4 per cent compared to last year, mostly driven by Switch. Nintendo reported sales amounting to ¥171.5 billion between April and September this year, which was likely boosted by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Good business: Hardware sales increased by 80.9 per cent, while software increased by 71.4 per cent. Nintendo's mobile games business saw more modest growth, with revenues growing by 33.9 per cent to ¥26.7 billion. Nintendo claim their major upcoming releases are on schedule, but have yet to announce any release dates.

Who made Friday the 13th for NES?

b) Sierra
c) Atlus
d) Sony

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Sam seriously liked Lara’s twin shooters

Serious Sam Double D XXL by Mommy’s Best Games featured a Tomb Raider reference in the level Pyramid Looting. Sam asks: “Why is it you ladies are always interested in raiding tombs for treasure?”

There’s no accounting for taste with Serious Sam

He goes on to mention that he met someone "too classy for his tastes", an athletic girl who had a nice pair of handguns on her, which can't really be anyone but the young Ms. Croft and her weapons of choice.

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Sega stops running arcade centres

Sega Sammy Holdings has sold the majority of their shares in Sega Entertainment, their amusement arcade division, to the Japanese company Genda.

SEGA will continue to make arcade machines and games

Amusement rental company Genda is looking to invest in and expand the Japanese arcade sector, while Sega Sammy is smarting form a long year of pandemic-related restrictions. Genda will acquire about 85 per cent of Sega Entertainment, with Sega Sammy keeping a 14.9 per cent minority share.

Game over: Sega Entertainment created and operated arcade centres while Sega manufactures and sells arcade hardware. Sega shut down its iconic Akihabara arcade earlier this year, a strong indicator that they did not have faith in the arcade market.

Moving on: Existing arcade centers will keep the Sega name and branding, and Sega is not pulling out of the arcade game and hardware market – but Sega Sammy will no longer be running their own arcades.

Xbox Series X footage starts appearing

Xbox Series S & X launch day is drawing near, and since some lucky gamers have started getting their hardware a bit early, lots of gameplay footage is appearing online.

Load times are the ‘game changer’ this coming generation

Most of the footage is just showing off the improved loading times in backwards-compatible games, and the new consoles' SSD storage is clearly making a difference, even in games that have not been optimized for the new consoles.

Gameplay and load times

Hype'em-up: There will be lots more reviews and impressions once the embargoes lift. Xbox Series S & X launch on November the 10th, a few days ahead of the PlayStation 5.

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Who made Friday the 13th for NES?

ANSWER: Atlus!

You alright Jason? You seem more purple than usual

Surprised to find out Atlus made a Friday the 13th game? Published by LJN, the game was notorious for its difficulty, confusing gameplay and for being unusually violent for a NES game. It also had a pretty unusual Jason design, with a blue mask and a purple outfit.

The unusual get-up has actually become iconic in its own right: NECA created an action figure based on the design, and appears as a costume in Friday the 13th: The Game. That game might be shutting down now, but it’s clear that the developers cared about the series – even its sillier and more obscure sides.

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