Earthbound and F-Zero return in Game Builder Garage

Today: Fans are using Game Builder Garage to put a modern spin on Nintendo classics — Nintendo’s E3 show was the most popular so far — Five Nights at Freddy’s creator retires from game development

Pokémon Unite coming to Switch first

Pokemon’s attempted expansion into more esports

Pokémon Unite will launch on Switch in July, and Nintendo has scheduled a network stress test for Japan from June 24th to June 26th.

Unite is an online MOBA developed by TiMi Studios, featuring crossplay between Android, iOS and Switch. The mobile versions will launch a little later this year, in September.

Unite for summer: The latest trailer opens with a bit of cinematics before showing off some gameplay. Pokémon Unite will have seasonal battle passes that reward players for leveling up.

Fashionable Pokémon: You can pay for gems to upgrade the battle pass, and both trainers and Pokémon can be outfitted with costumes called Holowear. You can use a single account across all your devices and share content between them, though gems can not be transferred.

Which anime writer wrote the visual novel Song of Saya?

a) Hiroshi Nagahama
b) Ryō Higaki
c) Katsuyuki Sumisawa
d) Gen Urobuchi 

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Just some charming 90s style tutorial fun

Driver: San Francisco lets you drive the classic DeLorean DMC-12, and if you reach 88 miles per hour you unlocked the Blast From The Past challenge.

Driver: San Francisco launched September 2011

The challenge takes you back to the infamous tutorial from the very first game in the series, where you have to perform a series of tricks inside a parking garage. It’s just as frustrating as it was in 1999!

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Game Builder Garage highlights

Zeldaboi presents Mario Kart, now with pipe collision

Game Builder Garage has only been out for a week, but fans like Zeldaboi have already built an impressive range of games with it.

Much like Mario Maker, Game Builder Garage lets you share IDs so others can download and play with your creations. Zeldaboi has made homages to a bunch of classic Nintendo games, including:

Just starting: There's “so much more to come” according to the enthusiastic Zeldaboi, currently hard at work on an F-Zero game, which has just been released. 

Nintendo had the most popular E3 show

Nintendo still won’t subtitle the new Zelda

Nintendo's E3 2021 show drew the most viewers, with over 3.1 million eyeballs glued to the E3 Nintendo Direct.

The Xbox and Bethesda show came second with 2.3 million viewers, followed by Ubisoft Forward who reached 1.4 million viewers, Square Enix reached 1.3 million and finally Devolver Digital reached 1.1 million viewers.

Stonks: Although the E3 show was well-received by fans, investors were less impressed that the Breath of the Wild sequel would not launch until 2022 and Nintendo's stock dropped a few percent.

No Pro: While announcements like Metroid Dread excited fans, there was no mention of the rumoured new Switch model with 4K support.

Which anime writer wrote the visual novel Song of Saya?

A fitting story for the Butcher...

ANSWER: Gen Urobuchi!

If you've watched Madoka Magica or Psycho-Pass, you have been subjected to Gen Urobuchi's dark and dreary style, but that's just a taste of how dark he can get. For the full Urobuchi experience, Song of Saya comes to mind, a horror story about a man who sees the world covered in blood and viscera after surviving a car accident.

The only pure thing left in his hellish world is a girl named Saya, and so he is drawn towards her. You can get the game on Steam, albeit with sex scenes snipped out. Sure, the story is nightmarish and the violence is stomach-turning, but the real horror is the implication of Saya's age. 

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