Elite Dangerous ending content for Consoles

Today: A timely reminder that patch notes are not for politics — Chocobo GP apparently features really nasty monetisation — Hogwarts Legacy will finally be revealed this week on State of Play

Frontier ends development of Elite Dangerous for consoles

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey banner

Elite Dangerous creator Frontier Developments have announced – “with a heavy heart” – that it's halting the development of Elite Dangerous for consoles and will only fix critical issues from now on.

“It’s no secret that Odyssey’s launch was less than ideal,” admitted David Braben in a community update, which also caused fragmented PC and console player bases as well as the game's codebase.

  • Elite Dangerous launched in December 2014
  • Arrived on Xbox One in October 2015, and PlayStation 4 in June 2017
  • Has earned £100 million as of October 2020
  • Frontier CEO David Braben made the announcement

PC only: “We have been wrestling with the best way to move forward, and it is with a heavy heart we have decided to cancel all console development,” he said. The PC version will be the only focus now.

Delays: Odyssey was the space sim's second major expansion, but suffered delays due to COVID-19 restrictions and missed its December 2020 release date, eventually launching on May 19th last year.

Which notorious company made The Adventures of Cookie & Cream?

a) LJN
b) Platinum Games
c) FromSoftware
d) Epic Games

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Domina review bombed over mask fracas

Domina Steam page

Dolphin Barn Incorporated, the developer and publisher of gladiator management simulator Domina, provoked a bit of a reaction with the patch notes for the game's latest update.

The latest patch notes admonishes players to “TAKE OFF THE FCKN MASKS” and suggest you “try showing a woman your face” in the grocery store. Domina was promptly review bombed on Steam after the strange comments.

Unmasked: “Be confident, unafraid of the LIES — you might get a girlfriend. Women like confidence. Women don't like dudes who cover their faces in fear. What are you afraid of? Getting laid? Grow up.”

Backlash: This awakened a different kind of confidence in Domina's audience, an exuberance that brought the game's rating from Very Positive to Mostly Negative in a matter of days.

Exploitative monetisation in Chocobo GP

Chocobo GP’s in-game Gil Shop

Fans are warning about “highly predatory monetision mechanics” in Square Enix's new kart racing game for Switch, Chocobo GP.

According to the warning, you should not even consider buying Chocobo GP for your kids if you have any payment options registered on the console. In short, the author of the warning “cannot stress enough how much you should avoid this game”.

Predatory: The game also features what is described as “irritating and experience diminishing mechanics” while offering “options to pay to remove that stuff” despite already being a full-price release.

An apology: Square Enix seems to already be responding, and has published a list of upcoming changes which includes tweaks and fixes for the online services, monetisation, game balance, shop and more.

Get your Nintendo merch on at Amazon

PDP Gaming Faceoff Deluxe+ Wired Switch Pro Controller

Are you in the market for some Nintendo merchandise? Well, look no further than Nintendo Amiibo – Zelda & Loftwing for just $21.10 on Amazon.com, or grab yourself a six-pack of nanoblock Kirby for $36.00.

If you're feeling snuggly, the Little Buddy 1824 Dr. Mario World – Doctor Mario Plush can be had for $21.60, while the official licensed Animal Crossing – Tom Nook PDP Gaming

Which notorious company made The Adventures of Cookie & Cream?

Cookie and Cream fight a boss in Magical World, a rope tethering them together

ANSWER: FromSoftware!

It's hard to imagine FromSoftware making something that's not melancholic and brutal, but the creators of Dark Souls and Elden Ring actually made one of the cutest platformers on PlayStation 2.

Behold: The Adventures of Cookie & Cream, a co-op puzzle game where you must work together to solve problems on a tight time limit. Two players can even share a single controller for that extra-snuggly co-op feeling, guaranteeing that you have no excuse not to share in the frustration as you fail time and time again.

I was talking with some friends the other day about the Sonic movie, how it and Silent Hill are probably my favourite adaptations, so what's your favourite video game movie? My biggest disapointment was probably Assassin's Creed, it could have been so much better!

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