Fall Guys Roadmap & Rewards, Control Crosses Alan Wake

TODAY: Nintendo is so dedicated to their own history that they don’t even fix bugs — Total War Saga: Troy will be free for 24 hours after launching on Thursday — Remedy is getting ready to do their first cross-over event

Warner Bros. Interactive sale called off

AT&T seems to have decided to keep Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment after a period of courting potential buyers.

It appears negotiations with interested parties like Take-Two, EA and Activision Blizzard failed since AT&T wanted no less than $4 billion for their studios, and wanted to keep the licenses and thus royalties for their back catalogue.

Restructuring: “Warner Bros. Interactive remains part of the Studios and Networks group,” according to this statement. Instead, AT&T will restructure the studios, which include Rocksteady Studios, TT Games, NetherRealm Studios, Monolith Productions and more.

Suicide Squad: The news follow hot on the heels of Rocksteady revealing a Suicide Squad game with an image showing Superman with a target on his head. The game is expected to be formally announced on August 22nd during the DC Fandome event.

Which cult horror game promised you would “vomit with excitement”?

  • Blue Stinger
  • Illbleed
  • Carrier
  • The Ring: Terror’s Realm

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and the ‘fun’ bugs of the Nintendo 64 original

The 2011 3DS re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was based on the original Nintendo 64 game, but also featured the mirrored dungeons from Ocarina of Time Master Quest. Nintendo wanted to remain true to the original game, and even decided to keep old bugs in the new version.

Why keep the bugs? Many fans of the original considered them fun or even beneficial to the experience, and helped underscore that Nintendo was dedicated to keeping the experience authentic. Of course, not all the bugs stuck around – some were squashed, for better or worse, as part of the porting effort.

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Hyper Scape, Risk of Rain 2 and EA Sports UFC 4

Ubisoft’s battle royale shooter Hyper Scape launches this week, while Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain 2 is finally leaving Early Access for an official release.

If you want something a bit less shooty, check out Idea Factory’s visual novel Collar x Malice: Unlimited – and let’s not forget Total War Saga: Troy, which is free on Epic Game Store for the first 24 hours

Tuesday – August 11

Thursday – August 13

  • Collar x Malice: Unlimited launches on Nintendo Switch
  • Total War Saga: Troy launches on PC

Friday – August 14

Fall Guys studio thanks patient fans

Mediatonic’s online party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout fell victim to its own success and the developers struggled to keep the servers online as an unexpected number of players flooded in.

The studio has posted a letter to the Fall Guys community thanking them for all their support and patience, and to announce some goodies as compensation for the wobbly start. They’re still figuring out exactly what the gift will be, and how to make sure everyone gets it.

New threads: Unsurprisingly, Mediatonic has lined up content for future updates, and will introduce the Big Bad Wolf costume next week as a a treat for first week adopters. Beta testers will also be thanked for their efforts in the “war against physics” with a Steam exclusive Alyx costume.

Bigger plans: Beyond fashion updates, Mediatonic also teases bigger changes: “There will be fiendishly fun new levels, stylish and silly new costumes, and completely new features coming soon as we continue to evolve the Fall Guys experience and take in feedback from our incredible community.” Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched on August 4th.

Today’s Gaming Deal Highlights

There are so many great deals now that it felt wrong not to share some of them ahead of the weekend’s bargain extravaganza.

Nintendo Joy-Con – Neon Red/Neon Blue (Switch) $69.00 @ Amazon US

Wireless Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch (Switch) $18.69 @ Amazon US

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con (In and out of Stock!) (Switch) $299.99 @ Amazon US

Nintendo Switch Lite – Turquoise (In and out of Stock!) (Console Bundle) $199.99 @ Amazon US

Streets of Rage 4 (Switch) £27.99 @ Amazon UK

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King (Switch) $17.99 @ eShop US

Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – Shiny Edition (Switch) $84.90 @ Amazon US

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[Cl-R] (Switch) $33.80 @ Amazon US

Streets of Rage 4 (PS4/XboxOne) £22.99 @ Amazon UK

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack (PS4) $33.80 @ Amazon US

Hell Warders (PS4) $13.73 @ Amazon US

Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle 2020 (PC) $1 @ Humble Store

Ubisoft Hits Sale (PC) Up to 80% off @ Humble Store

Better Together Sale (PC) 80% off @ Humble Store

If you buy any of these games by following our links, DailyBits will earn a small commission, so thanks in advance! Saturday will bring even more amazing video game deals, so stay tuned.

Street Fighter V Season 5 this winter

Capcom have revealed their plans for Street Fighter V’s fifth season, which will include five new characters and three stages. The fifth new fighter has yet to be revealed, but Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira Kazama have been confirmed. Akira is Street Fighter V’s first guest character, from 90s 3D fighter Rival Schools.

Dan will arrive first, alongside a new Capcom Pro Tour stage, new costumes, balances changes and – tantalizingly – a new battle mechanic. Street Fighter V will be free to play on PlayStation 4 until August 19th, and you can read a full summary of the announcements on the PlayStation Blog.

Team Liquid is getting a new coach

More big changes for Team Liquid, following the recent departure of Nicholas ‘Nitr0’ Cannella: Jason ‘Moses’ O’Toole will succeed Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag as Team Liquid’s new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive head coach. Formerly a professional Counter-Strike player, Moses has been a popular commentator and is excited about the new challenge.

“For me, there’s a little bit of responsibility, or a lot of responsibility, in ushering Liquid’s Counter-Strike team into the next era. That’s one of the goals I’ve set for myself. That’s one of the goals I’ve set for the team, is to be able to bring Team Liquid into the next five years of Counter-Strike,” he said in Team Liquid’s announcement video.

New Apex Legends season next week

Apex Legends Season 6 is about to begin, and the latest trailer reveals the new character Rampart, a modder with a penchant for big guns. There’s also a new energy SMG on the way, namely the Volt from Titanfall 2.

Characters and guns are well and good, but the biggest news is a crafting system added to Boosted. It’s not clear if crafting is exclusive to World’s Edge, which will see some changes in the new season. Season 6 launches for all platforms on August 18th.

Which cult horror game promised you would “vomit with excitement”?

Answer: Illbleed!

Illbleed is an odd mix of survival horror and … minesweeper?

An obvious candidate for cult status, Illbleed is a homage to horror B-movies, and takes place in a horror-themed amusement park promising one hundred million dollars to anyone who can survive all its six attractions. Sound nuts? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Trailers included the tagline “You’ll vomit with excitement! You’ll puke with pleasure! You’ll s*** with fear!” narrated by voice of Duke Nukem, John St. Jon. Much like Earthbound’s gross-out marketing, the campaign probably didn’t do Illbleed any favours and middling reviews doomed it to poor sales. That doesn’t change the fact it’s a completely unique game, and that any self-respecting horror fan should have a look at it.

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