Fantasy 3D shooter The Wheel of Time

GOG brings back playable version of Wheel of Time

Time certainly hasn't stood still since the Wheel of Time game launched in November 1999, but that hasn't stopped Night Dive Studios from remastering it.

Robert Jordan's fantasy series was recently adapted into a TV show by Amazon Prime, and that's probably why and Night Dive decided to resurrect the ancient adventure.

The Wheel of Time

Features: Wheel of Time was an Unreal-powered game, and it looked pretty fancy for its time with ambitious environments and weather effects. It also features a fortress building system where you construct and equip your very own stronghold with over a hundred artifacts and spells.

Seal Hunt: You will probably not be shocked to hear that The Dark One is threatening to escape his confines and that there are differing opinions on whether he should be allowed to do that or not. It's your job to find his prison seals and ensure he remains in captivity. There is also a four-player local multiplayer mode for the competitively minded.