Future Cyberpunk 2077 updates pushed back until 2022

Today: Call of Duty reimagines Second World War once again — Looks like id Software might be working on a Quake reboot — Nintendo streamlines its North American operations

New Cyberpunk 2077 update roadmap

Cyberpunk 2077’s updated road map (Oct. 28)

Sony just broadcast the latest State of Play event, focusing on upcoming indie games for PlayStation.

CD Projekt RED has announced that there won't be any more Cyberpunk 2077 updates this year, meaning all PC patches are delayed until next year just like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 next-gen upgrades.

The studio published a new roadmap on October 28th that shows “updates, improvements, and free DLC” scheduled for 2022 and shows that the 1.31 update with the first free DLC was the final update for 2021.

  • Update 1.31 fixed issues and added a new quest
  • Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen scheduled for the first quarter of 2022
  • ‘Further improvements’ were originally due to ship in late 2021

Recommended: The delays were announced following recommendations from the supervising teams on both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. The next-gen update for Cyberpunk 2077 is expected by the end of March 2022, while The Witcher 3 should follow suit between April and June.

Internal testing: A new internal test build was spotted on SteamDB around the time the announcement was made, so it's clear that work is well underway.

Which platform did the original Tomb Raider debut on?

a) N-Gage
b) Sega Saturn 
c) PlayStation
d) PC

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Call of Duty: Vanguard deploys this week

Call of Duty: Vanguard cinematic banner

Call of Duty: Vanguard is out this week for PC and consoles, featuring a campaign by Sledgehammer Games and a new Zombies mode by Treyarch. If you're not tired of battling the undead yet, World War Z unleashes its hordes on Switch on Tuesday.

Tuesday – November 2nd

  • Cupid Parasite for NS
  • Knockout City for PS5, XSX
  • World War Z for NS

Thursday – November 4th

  • A Boy and His Blob for NS
  • Just Dance 2022 for NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Stadia
  • Tales of Luminaria for iOS, Android
  • Where Cards Fall for PC, NS

Friday – November 5th

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard for PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX
  • Kid A Mnesia Exhibition for PC, Mac, PS5

id Software hiring for new project

id Software logo on glass pane in office

id Software is hiring for the “development of a long-running iconic action FPS” which could of course just be Doom but might also be a new Quake.

MachineGames is busy with the next Wolfenstein and its as yet untitled but undeniably tantalizing Indiana Jones game, while Arkane Studios is toiling away on blood-sucking first-person shooter Redfall.

Iconic series: Since id is unlikely to resurrect Commander Keen or Catacomb Abyss, their new project is probably a Doom or Quake game, though it's not completely impossible that they're going to have another whack at Rage.

Anniversary: Quake was just relaunched with a remastered version by retro masters Night Dive Studios, featuring tastefully updated graphics and a new episode. While this could simply be a way to keep the product viable on Steam, it does seem like a good way to highlight Quake's roots ahead of announcing a reboot.

Let’s Build a Zoo PC giveaway

Designed park in Let's Build a Zoo

We’ve got some adorable pixelated management for you in Let's Build a Zoo with over 500 different animals to choose from, and that’s before splicing together our own abominations!

We’ll manage zoos with enclosure designs, choosing staff, pleasing guests and defying nature. Enter for a chance at one of our keys with this Let's Build a Zoo Giveaway and get designing.

Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary sale

Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary sale banner

There’s a very special Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Bundle sale going on over at Humble Bundle right now celebrating three decades since a blue hedgehog started a gold ring obsession.

It includes Sonic Adventure DX and its follow-up Sonic Adventure 2, as well as the more recent Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sonic Generations, Sonic Mania, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing.

Which platform did the original Tomb Raider debut on?

Lara Croft in the first Tomb Raider, showing how far graphics have gone.

ANSWER: Sega Saturn!

Ah, Tomb Raider. What would the PlayStation be without Ms. Croft and her low-poly charms? The PlayStation port sold over 7 million copies, but it wasn't even the first to market! The Saturn version was first out the gate, followed by PC and PlayStation.

The European Saturn version of Tomb Raider launched a whole month before the PlayStation version launched in the US, but it couldn't save SEGA's Saturn from the onslaught of Sony's little grey juggernaut. In any case, all versions of the game fundamentally play the same although they have slightly different performance characteristics. Anyway, not even Lara could rescue Saturn from imminent failure.

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