Gaming Deals: All the Best Deals for the Weekend Featuring Control – 08.29

TODAY: Check out these great gaming deals from across Europe, US, and the rest of the world to help you have the perfect gaming weekend.

What are ya buyin’?

Happy Bank Holiday weekend to our UK pals! We’re here to ensure that your extra day off is filled with gaming goodness, and we’re bringing you the best deals to spend your pocket money on. As always, there are plenty of freebies to go around, but if you’ve got some cash burning in your pocket we know exactly how to help you spend it on some quality video games.

Our top UK deal is Control Ultimate Edition for PC. Epic’s year long exclusivity deal has ended bringing Control to the Steam store. The Ultimate Edition includes both expansions, including AWE which launched earlier this week. Coming in at £27.99, this is a great deal for anyone who hasn’t experienced Remedy’s 2019 banger.


Control Ultimate Edition (PC) £27.99 @ Steam

Burnout Paradise Remastered (PC) £4.49 @ Steam

Disco Elysium (PC) £26.24 @ Steam

Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition (PC) £1.06 @ Steam

Two Point Hospital (PC) £7.49 @ Steam

Death Stranding (PS4) £19.85 @ Base

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PS4) £10.85 @ Base

Journey To The Savage Planet (PS4) £15.99 @ Amazon

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (PS4/Xbox One) £28.85 @ Base

Streets of Rage 4 (PS4/Xbox One) £19.95 @ Base

Football Manager 2020 Touch (Nintendo Switch) £10.19 @ Nintendo eShop

Hotline Miami Collection (Nintendo Switch) £7.87 @ Nintendo eShop

Sayonara Wild Hearts (Nintendo Switch) £6.59 @ Nintendo eShop

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) £17.99 @ Nintendo eShop

River City Girls (Nintendo Switch) £18.89 @ Nintendo eShop

Our pick of the week for the US is Destroy All Humans for the PS4. Black Forest Games remade Destroy All Humans from the ground up, building the game on the Unreal Engine 4 to give it a modern look. If you have any kind of nostalgia for the 2005 hit, this remake is sure to bring you back to the good old days.


Destroy All Humans! (PS4) $31.99 @ PlayStation Store US

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4) $44.99 @ PlayStation Store US

Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4) $29.99 @ PlayStation Store US

Desperados III (PS4) $44.99 @ PlayStation Store US

My Hero One’s Justice 2 Deluxe Edition (PS4) $55.99 @ PlayStation Store US

1-2 Switch (Nintendo Switch) $34.99 @ Humble Bundle US

Just Dance 2020 (Nintendo Switch) $19.99 @ Humble Bundle US

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 (Nintendo Switch) $11.99 @ Humble Bundle US

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (Nintendo Switch) $11.24 @ Humble Bundle US

Heave Ho (Nintendo Switch) $4.99 @ Humble Bundle US

Remnant: From the Ashes – Complete Edition (Xbox One) $39.99 @ Microsoft Store US

Outward (Xbox One) $15.99 @ Microsoft Store US

Anima: Gate of Memories – Arcane Edition (Xbox One) $11.99 @ Microsoft Store US

Wartile Complete Edition (Xbox One) $21.59 @ Microsoft Store US

Dead Alliance (Xbox One) $5.99 @ Microsoft Store US


Marvel’s Avengers Preorder (PS4) $69.00 @ Mighty Ape

The Last of Us II (PS4) $69.00 @ Mighty Ape

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch) $68.00 @ Catch AU

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Nintendo Switch) $69.00 @ Catch AU

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Nintendo Switch) $68.00 @ Catch AU


Rush VR (PSVR) £13.95 @ The Game Collection

Crazy Machines VR (PSVR) £13.59 @ Base

A Fisherman’s Tale (PC) £9.09 @ Steam

Tower Tag (PC) £10.00 @ Steam

Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire (PC) £19.03 @ Humble Bundle

We’ve been used to Epic serving up some incredible deals for literally nothing, but this week in particular is pretty great. Get the first game in the Hitman trilogy (2016) and the Shadowrun Collection completely free – all you need is an Epic Game Store account to redeem the games.

Rest of the World

Hitman 2016 & Shadowrun Colection (PC) Free @ Epic Games Store

Tell Me Why – Chapter 1, Microsoft Flight Simulator and New Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One/PC) £1/$1 for one month on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/PC @ Microsoft Store

Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, de Blob 2 & Armed and Dangerous (Xbox One) Free* for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members throughout September @ Microsoft Store

Street Fighter V & PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PS4) Free* for PS Plus members throughout September @ PlayStation Plus

EA End of Summer Sale (PC) 90% off @ Humble Store

Private Division End of Summer Sale (PC) 75% off @ Humble Store

Rockstar Games End of Summer Sale (PC) 75% off @ Humble Store

SEGA End of Summer Sale (PC) 80% off @ Humble Store

Tower Tag (PC VR) Free to play until August 30th @ Steam

No Response (PC) Free to keep @

Linda & Joan Prologue: Four Months Later (PC) Free to keep @

Green Island (PC) Free to keep @

Devolverland Expo (PC) Free @ Steam

Team Fortress 2 (PC) Free to play @ Steam

DOTA 2 (PC) Free to play @ Steam

Lost (PC VR) Free @ Oculus

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC) Free to play @ Steam

Be sure to catch up on some well-needed rest this weekend, and take care of yourself. We’ll be taking Monday off to recharge and play some games, with DailyBits coming back to normal serice on Tuesday.

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Today’s issue was written by Christian Vaz and Jamie Davey.