Gaming Deals – Control and Doom Eternal Cheapest Yet

TODAY: Check out these great gaming deals from across Europe, US, and the rest of the world to help you have the perfect weekend.

Weekly Deals Roundup

What are ya buyin’?

In doors with nothing to do? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got three massive lists of some of the best bargains on offer right now. Don’t worry if money is tight at the moment, some of the deals we have picked out won’t cost you a penny!

Our pick of the week for the UK is Control for the PS4. Remedy Entertainment released their first story DLC for Control this week – The Foundation. As a result, the game is now on sale for under £20, a bargain for a game of this quality.


Control (PS4) £19.99 @ PlayStation Store

Pokemon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass (Nintendo Switch) £19.85 @ ShopTo

Animal Crossing: New Horizon (Nintendo Switch) £40.85 @ ShopTo

NieR:Automata: Game of the YoRHa Edition (PC) £15 @ Green Man Gaming

Life is Strange 1 – Complete Season (PS4) £2.89 @ PlayStation Store

Soul Calibur VI (PS4) £13.85 @ Base

Journey Collector’s Edition (PS4) £3.99 @ PlayStation Store

Yakuza 0 (PC) £3.74 @ Humble Store

Life is Strange 2 – Complete Season (PC) £11.61 @ Green Man Gaming

The Outer Worlds (Xbox One) £24.97 @ Currys

The Wolf Among Us (PS4) £3.99 @ PlayStation Store

Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Remaster (Nintendo Switch) £22.99 @ Amazon

Team Sonic Racing (Xbox One/) £15.99 @ Base

Puyo Puyo Champions (PS4) £3.99 @ PlayStation Store

Doom Eternal (PC) £36.85 @ ShopTo

Our standout deal for the US is Cyberpunk 2077 on PC. There aren’t many developers we would trust enough to justify preordering anything from, but the team at CD Projekt has an incredible library of great games. If you are looking to get one of the most anticipated games of the year for less than usual, now is the perfect time to do it.


Cyberpunk 2077 (PC) $49.94 @ Amazon US

Cosmonauta (Nintendo Switch) $0.09 @ Nintendo eShop US

Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball (Nintendo Switch) $0.09 @ Nintendo eShop US

Drawful 2 (Nintendo Switch) $0.09 @ Nintendo eShop US

Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita) $7.99 @ PlayStation Store US

Hyper Light Drifter – Special Edition (Nintendo Switch) $9.99 @ Nintendo eShop US

Death Stranding (PS4) $29.99 @ Best Buy

Dragon Ball FighterZ Day One Edition (PS4) $19.93 @ Walmart

Nex Machina (PS4) $4.99 @ PlayStation Store US

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4) $25.99 @ PlayStation Store US

Kerbal Space Program (PC) $9.99 @ Steam

RAGE 2 (PC) $17.99 @ Steam

Just Cause 3 (PC) $2.99 @ Steam

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Ulitmate Edition (Xbox One) $29.99 @ Microsoft Store

Sleeping Dogs – Definitive Edition (Xbox One) $4.49 @ Microsoft Store

Our deals for the Rest of the World continue the same trend as last week – if money is tight for you then these generous publishers and developers have you covered. In addition to the usual host of free games from Epic, we’ve got plenty more for you to enjoy.

Rest of the World

World War Z, Figment and Tormentor x Punisher (PC) Free @ Epic Games Store

Gears 5, Bleeding Edge and Slay The Spire (Xbox One/PC) £1/$1 for one month on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/PC @ Microsoft Store

Between Two Castles (PC) Free to keep until March 30th @ Steam

Project Mercury (PC) Free to keep until April 8th @ Steam

Burning Daylight (PC) Free @ Steam

Endless Legend – Emperor Edition (PC) Free to play until March 30th @ Steam

100% Orange Juice (PC) Free to keep until March 30th @ Steam

Kerbal Space Program (PC) Free to play until March 30th @ Steam

Acceleration of SUGURI 2 (PC) Free to keep until March 30th @ Steam ()

200% Mixed Juice! (PC) Free to keep until March 30th @ Steam

Quiet as a Stone (PC) Free @

Monster Hunter World (PS4) Free to play until March 30th @ Capcom

Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta (PS4) Free to play until April 3rd @ PlayStation Store

Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta (Xbox One) Free to play until April 3rd @ Microsoft Store

Monument Valley 2 (Android) Free @ Google Play Store

Enjoy your hard-earned weekend, everyone. Be sure to stay safe and keep on gaming!

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Today’s issue was written by Christian Vaz and Jamie Davey.