GTA VI 4 years away and set in Vice City

Today: Nintendo getting ready to turn Donkey Kong into a star again — US military leaving Pokémon gyms behind in Afghanistan base — TIE Fighter fan remake based on X-Wing Alliance finally released

Grand Theft Auto VI still 4 years away

A sequel to Bully has also been long rumoured

According to Tom Henderson, noted for making accurate predictions about upcoming games, Grand Theft Auto VI is around 4 years away from release. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier agrees, claiming his own sources corroborate this.

Apparently, the massive development time is a result of Rockstar trying to discourage crunch and ensuring their employees have a healthier work/life balance. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V is still selling strongly while GTA Online remains hugely profitable and the game is about to enter its third console generation.

Return to Vice: “Everything Tom Henderson has said about the game matches up with what I’ve heard,” said Schreier. The next Grand Theft Auto is supposed to be set in modern-day Vice City, which is based on Miami.

Slow and steady: It is also believed that Rockstar is taking a new approach to the next Grand Theft Auto and that they will expand and evolve the game world after launch. This could also help keep pressure off the team since the game's scope will be more flexible.

Before he worked on Symphony of the Night, what dating sim did Koji Igarashi write?

a) Tokimeki Memorial
b) Mitsumete Knight
c) Sakura Wars 
d) Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Cursed animal avatars of the Disney devils

Shin Megami Tensei features two sprites buried in its game data that don’t appear in the SNES version: Demonic parody versions of none other than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Shin Megami Tensei launched in 1992

The sprites were most likely going to appear in Tokyo Destinyland, which is based on Tokyo Disneyland. The PC Engine version includes Zombie Mouse and Demon Duck in their place.

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Donkey Kong is “next franchise in line”

Donkey Kong games, animation and parks

Looks like Nintendo has big plans for Donkey Kong, and is planning to turn the big ape into a multimedia juggernaut.

Several insiders agree that Nintendo is gearing up to ape out, though there are no details about exactly what kind of monkey business to expect. A new Donkey Kong Country? Something entirely different?

Kongback: There hasn't been a major Donkey Kong game since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U in 2014, which was re-released for Switch in 2018.

More than a game: There is apparently Donkey Kong animation in the works, although it's unclear if it's a TV show or a movie. Donkey Kong is also likely to go bananas in Nintendo's new theme parks.

Pokémon Go popular with US troops and contractors stationed in Afghanistan

Sorry Voltorb but no IED Pokemon on the FOB

There were apparently a lot of Pokémon Go players among US troops and contractors at the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan according to US military newspaper Stars and Stripes.

“We weren't expecting Pokémon Go to be thriving in Bagram, and yet it was," said electrician Corey Olsen, who works on US army helicopters. The game gave strangers something to bond over even in a warzone.

Military Gyms: "I'm sure somewhere in Afghanistan, some kid is bragging about how he took control of an American Pokémon gym," said National Guard captain John Sutter, as troops leave Afghanistan and its Pokémon behind.

Tourist Trainers: The US is withdrawing from Afghanistan following a nearly two-decade campaign, with control of the Bagram base returning to the Afghan government forces on 1st July. "Maybe in 20 years I can ride a motorcycle south and reclaim that Pokémon gym again." Stutter concluded.

We’ve got 5 Switch codes for Foodtruck Arena to give out this week

Foodtruck Arena is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch

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"Take part in an unforgettable tournament, battle against formidable opponents, discover new recipes, and finally, climb to the top of the culinary world"

  • Pokémon Masters EX Battle Villa July 4th to 18th features a roster of nine Sync Pairs and exclusive items
  • Breath of the Wild mod adds new dungeon and a new boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim
  • TIE Fighter Total Conversion fan remake released using X-Wing Alliance as basis for reimagining the LucasArts classic
  • BioWare reveals Dragon Age 4 concept art featuring deadly Antivan Crows, but still no real news ahead of EA Play event
  • Among Us seems to be scheduled for August 31st launch on PlayStation 4 although the date could be a placeholder
  • Nintendo Switch System Update 12.1.0 is now available to download, and includes a new feature that allows you to free up space for game patches when system memory is full

Before he worked on Symphony of the Night, what dating sim did Koji Igarashi write?

What is an anime girl? A miserable little pile of secrets!

ANSWER: Tokimeki Memorial!

Before Koji Igarashi pioneered the Metroidvania design template with Symphony of the Night, he worked on something really rather different: Konami's revolutionary dating sim Tokimeki Memorial. The game invites you to complete three years of high school and attempt to fall in love with the girl of your dreams.

Mixing visual novel-style storytelling and role-playing and loads of charm, Tokimeki Memorial is not just one of the most important early dating sims – it's also widely regarded as one of the best games of all time. A 2006 Famitsu reader poll named it the 23rd best game of all time. It was never translated into English, most likely because of its massive script and copious amount of voice work, but it has inspired many a developer since its release in 1994.

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