Is the revised PS5’s new heatsink actually bad?

Today: New gambling legislation turns Pokémon Red & Blue adult — The Battlefield 2042 beta dates have been leaked — What would Street Fighter characters look like if they turned into real people?

Revised PlayStation 5 sheds some weight, features new heatsink design

Photo of old and new PS5 heatsink design

Rumours claim Nintendo is planning to expand the Switch Online retro game catalogue with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games in September.

The upcoming revised PlayStation 5 model has clearly shaved off some of that lockdown flab, weighing in at 0.6 pounds less than the original. How did Sony manage this? Early investigations suggested Sony just cheaped out on the heatsink.

However, Ars Technica took a closer look and suggests that the new model is no worse than the old and that the idea depends on the “gross misunderstanding” of heatsink assemblies.

  • PlayStation 5 launched on November 11th last year
  • Minor hardware revision released in August this year
  • Heatsink weight reduced and screw replaced
  • There are two retail models: standard and digital

Infrared: One YouTuber pointed thermal cameras at the heat exhaust vents, measured a 5° Celsius temperature increased, and concluded that the new heatsink must be of worse quality than the one in the launch model.

Inconclusive: Ars Technica notes that the only way to decide whether the new heatsink is better or worse would be “direct temperature measurements” of the internal components. They also observed that if more heat is ejected from the console, that would actually be evidence that the heatsink is doing a better job of dispersing heat.

Which freeware title had an infamous Nintendo DS port?

a) Eternal Daughter
b) Elf Bowling
c) Chex Quest
d) JFK Reloaded

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

New Pokémon trademarks filed, new legislation means 18 rated Red & Blue

Screenshot of Pokemon Red & Blue slot machines

Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak have filed new trademarks related to the Pokémon trading card game.

They appear to be renewals since they include terms that have been filed for the trading card game before, so it is unlikely to suggest a new Pokémon game – especially since the trademarked names include Time Gazer and Space Juggler.

Time & Space: Eagle-eyed fan site PokéBeach notes that trademarks are typically registered six months before they are revealed.

Gambling debt: In other news, Pokémon Red & Blue would receive a PEGI rating of 18 if it was released today, thanks to the presence of slot machines in the Game Corner. That's gambling, you see, and that's definitely not for kids.

Street Fighter versus Google algorithm

Street Fighter characters ‘converted to real life’

Google's slogan used to say "don't be evil", but those days are clearly far behind us. As the saying goes, evil is as evil does – and the results of using one of Google's machine learning algorithms to turn Street Fighter characters into real people is definitely 100% evil.

Survey this gallery of horrors at your own peril, and don't say we did not warn you. What is once seen can not be unseen, and that goes double for the abominations excreted by Google's malevolent machine learning algorithms.

  1. Zangief
  2. Ryu
  3. Guile
  4. Dictator
  5. Blanka
  6. Gouken
  7. G
  8. Gill

Humble Bundle’s RPG and publisher sales

Humble Bundle summer sale banners

The summer sales never end at Humble Bundle, and now they've put an entire genre on sale in the RPG sale, offering up to 85% off role-playing classics.

There is also no less than three publisher sales on, starting with the Coffee Stain Publishing Sale which offers discounts up to 90%, the Rebellion Summer Sale offering 80% off and finally the Konami Summer Sale offers up to 90% off some heavy hitters.

Which freeware title had an infamous Nintendo DS port?

The box cover for Elf Bowling on the DS, which might have taken more effort than the game itself

ANSWER: Elf Bowling!

Elf Bowling was definitely a fad, but it also garnered an impressive amount of fans when it appeared in the late 90s. All that goodwill was exhausted by the 2005 Nintendo DS release, which was universally reviled by both players and critics and garnered an all-time low rating of 12 on Metacritic.

Why the hate for a silly game about, well, Elf Bowling? It was nothing more than a cheap cash-in on the first two games. No new features, no new levels, no new art, just an opportunity to pay for two very basic games that were free on PC. In short, people justifiably felt ripped off.

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