King Arthur’s Latest Tale, Pokemon Go’s Strange 12K Eggs

Get ready to turn your living room into a kart track on Friday — Fall Guys Season 2 is now live, and more updates are on the way — Valve whips up a record-breaking prize pool for The International 10

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Digimon Survive likely to be delayed

Bandai Namco seems likely to delay tactical RPG Digimon Survive, judging by remarks made by producer Kazumasa Habu.

Digimon Survive is being developed by Witchcraft and Bandai Namco

Sure, he's not explicitly saying that the game has been delayed, but he seems to be implying that it won't make it out the door in 2020. It was originally scheduled to launch in 2019, but already got delayed once. Toei Animation Europe announced a January 2021 release date on their website, but the information mysteriously vanished a bit later.

Under review: “I apologize for worrying you,” Kazumasa Habu told a Japanese fan. “We’re currently reviewing the development team structure and refocusing the schedule for Digimon Survive. We’re coordinating with all parties concerned and plan to make an announcement on the situation in the near future.”

Delaying soon: “I apologize to everyone who has been looking forward to the game, but I ask that you please wait a while longer.” All in all, it looks pretty likely that a delay will be announced soon and that Toei Animation Europe's announcement was simply premature.

Which company made the Burger King game tie-in Sneak King?

a) Atomic Planet
b) Blitz Games
c) Deep Silver
d) Backbone Entertainment

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Sabrina’s magic ZoneAlarm settings

WayForward’s Sabrina the Animated Series: Zapped! for Game Boy Color has some uncompiled code buried in its ROM, including a nod to pirates saying “Hey look! Someone ripped our game!!!”

Sabrina the Teenage ZoneAlarm user

Amusingly, someone on the development team must have been using the ZoneAlarm anti-virus software since there's a file path listed as C:\PROGRAM FILES\ZONE LABS\ZONEALARM\ZONEALARM. There are also a few unused music tracks, including an unfinished one that sounds like a boss theme.

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Halloween time in Pokémon Masters EX

Spooky times ahead in the Pokémon Masters EX Fight or Fright event, earn Strange Eggs in Pokémon Go by defeating Team Go Rocket.

It's approaching Halloween so it's time to get spooky

Pokémon Go

  • Team Go Rocket autumn event (October 12th until 19th)
    • New Strange Eggs associated with Team Go Rocket
    • Defeat Team Go Rocket leaders to earn Strange Eggs
    • Strange Eggs hatch Larvitar, Scraggy, Trubbish and Vullaby after 12k
    • Egg Incubators hatch after quarter distance during event
    • Sandile, Vullaby and Pawniard added to Pokémon Go
    • More Poison & Dark-types in wild and Special Research
    • Shadow Mewtwo and Shadow Pokémon can be saved from Team Go Rocket
    • Grunts now use Shadow Diglett, Shellder, Slowpoke, Aerodactyl, and Skarmory
  • Event introduces new Raid Bosses
  • Free weekly Remote Raid Box available
  • Go Battle League Season 3 changed to Master League format
    • Lasts until October 26th
    • Standard Cup / Premier Cup where Legendary and Mythical are banned

Pokémon Masters EX

  • Fight or Fright Halloween event begins on October 15th
    • Introduces Sync Pair variants Acerola & Mimikyu and Hilbert & Mightyena

Arthurian dark fantasy from Neocore

Get your Camelot on in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, a turn-based tactical RPG from Neocore Games.

Arthur Pendragon is a British mythical figure, with no one canonical telling

Expect a tactical strategy game mixed with “traditional, character-centric” RPG elements. The story is a modern retelling of the ancient myth with a dark fantasy spin starring Sir Mordred, King Arthur's erstwhile nemesis.

Crowdfunding: Neocore have launched a Kickstarter campaign alongside the announcement and wants to raise £150,000.

Chivalry: “The story campaign puts a huge emphasis on moral choices, which have significant consequences in a rogue-lite structure, adding extra tension to the tactical and management decisions,” says Neocore. King Arthur: A Knight's Tale hits Steam in the first quarter of 2021.

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Which company made the Burger King game tie-in Sneak King?

ANSWER: Blitz Games!

Yeah, this ain’t messed up at all...

Did you know Blitz Games made Burger King games for Xbox 360 in the mid-2000s? They made three promotional games for the burger chain: The stealth game Sneak King, the racing game Pocketbike Racer and the bumper car game Big Bumpin'. The games were packaged with Burger King's value meals, and Sneak King actually became a minor cult hit.

Blitz Games mostly made licensed games based on shows, toys and movies like Spongebob Squarepants, Bratz and Puss in Boots. The company was founded in 1990, and made a few noteworthy games in their time.

Some are classics like Glover and Frogger 2, but they also produced spectacular trainwrecks like Bad Boys: Miami Takedown and Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue. Unfortunately they didn't survive the transition between the seventh and eight console generations, and shut down in 2013.

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