Little Big Adventure creators reunite to continue series with 2.21 studio


Didier Chanfray and fellow Little Big Adventure creator Frédérick Raynal have opened a new studio called 2.21, where they are working on Little Big Adventure 3.

Animation of Twinsen in Litte Big Adventure 2

Our hopes for the new game

  • The return of original composer Philippe Vachey
  • Explore entirely new parts of Twinsun
  • Keeps the low-poly charm and expressive design of the original
  • Keeps the strange combination of whimsy and menace intact

The new studio is in Paris, and Little Big Adventure 3 is the first project. Frédérick Raynal also created the horror classic Alone in the Dark, so perhaps there is a chance he wants to return into the darkness?

Long way off: Little Big Adventure launched in 1994 and the sequel followed in 1997, and it will probably be several years until Twinsen's new adventure is ready, or until we even see new gameplay. 

Engine Hint: We reached out to 2.21 to see if we could learn a bit more about the project, and while CEO Benoît Limare tells us that it's not quite ready to talk about the project yet, he did mention that the first update via their newsletter will reveal what engine they're using to build Little Big Adventure 3.

Twinsun in Unreal Engine 5 would certainly be a sight to behold, but we'll give you an update once we know what engine it's using.