#144: Luigi’s Mansion 3 gets first DLC soon on Switch

TODAY: Want your very own Pokémon buddy to take on walks? — Bungie had to change how it thinks about making games to do Destiny justice — Westwood’s Blade Runner is back just as the year it takes place in ends

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 gets DLC in 2020 beginning with ‘Part 1’ by April 2020

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be redecorated with new threads, themed ghosts, floor themes and minigames in the first part of the game’s multiplayer pack, which arrives on April 30th next year.

The update will consist of three new minigames for the ScreamPark multiplayer mode, six new themed ghosts, three new outfits for Luigi, as well as new floor themes for the ScareScraper co-op mode – and that’s not all!

The second part of the multiplayer pack will launch sometime before July 31st next year, but Nintendo haven’t revealed any details yet except that it will add even more stuff to “both ScreamPark and ScareScraper modes.”

Luigi’s Mansion launched for GameCube in 2001

If you cough up the dough for these new treats, you’ll also get “immediate access to the in-game Flashlight Type-P,“ which makes a Polterpup shape on the walls and can be used once you unlock the Gallery in E. Gadd’s lab.

Luigi’s Mansion 3’s multiplayer mode supports up to eight players both locally and online. Play co-operatively in ScareScraper, or join Team Luigi or Team Gooigi to compete in ScreamPark.

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What is the name of Luigi’s dog in the Luigi’s Mansion series?

  • Ghost Dog
  • Polterpup
  • Chauncey
  • E.Gadd

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News Bits

Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure trailer in merciless assault on heart strings

If you grew up playing Pokémon, then you know how much a kid would love to have their very own Pokémon buddy – and it looks like Niantic knows too.

Pokémon Go will be updated with a new Buddy Adventure feature, which lets your favourite Pokémon join you on walks. You can pet them, feed them and grow your bond with them via augmented reality.

Add ‘Back Buttons’ to DualShock 4

Sony has decided there’s just not enough buttons on the DualShock 4 controller, so they’re launching an add-on for the pad called the Back Button Attachment, which attaches to the back of the controller and gives you … back buttons! Just like it says on the tin! The buttons can be configured to 16 different functions.

Daily Fact

Maniac Mansion was ‘too naughty’ and coined the term ‘cutscene’

The adventure game Maniac Mansion from 1987 by Ron Gilbert and Lucasfilm Games managed to get into hot water over wording on the back of the game’s box.

Thanks to complaints about the word ‘Lust’, the game was pulled from Toys R Us – and didn’t get back on shelves until the packaging was changed.

Besides clearly being too naughty for its own good, Maniac Mansion also has the dubious honor of originating the term ‘cutscene’. Ron Gilbert used it to describe a ‘cut away from the action’ and there is even specific code referencing a ‘cut-scene’ that automatically saves the game, and then restores it once the cutscene ended. It was one of the very first games to cut away from gameplay to show scripted sequences.

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Daily News

No Warcraft III: Reforged for Christmas

Blizzard has been busy working on WarCraft III: Reforged since they announced it last year at BlizzCon 2018.

Unfortunately, it won’t be ready for Christmas but consider it a new year’s present instead: WarCraft III: Reforged will be out by the end of January. The remaster includes the Reign of Chaos campaign as well as the Frozen Throne expansion

“Grab your sword and fight the Horde.”

That’s quite a banquet of classic real-time strategy, featuring over 60 missions spread across no less than 7 single-player campaigns. Every asset in the game has been remade, from characters and building models to animations and sound effects. The original voice acting remains to maintain the “authenticity of the Warcraft 3 experience.”

WarCraft III: Reforged will also feature all-new mod tools inspired by the ones from StarCraft II, and will even be able to join multiplayer games against players using the original version of the game. Get ready to vye for control of Azeroth once again on January 28th.

To unlock Destiny’s potential, Bungie had to invent a new design philosophy

Bungie is renowned for their grand sci-fi universes and addictive gameplay loops, but their MMO Destiny became a sort of victim of that success until they learned how they needed to think differently when running an online game.

“I think we’ve gotten better at understanding who the guardians of Destiny are and investing in the things that are more meaningful to them,” Bungie’s David ‘Deej’ Dague told VGC in an interview. “…we’re better at understanding what makes players happiest and doing those things.”

In short, Bungie had to wean itself off grand, memorable set-pieces and learn how to make something infinitely replayable instead.

The latest Destiny 2 expansion is Shadowkeep

The studio had to figure out how to make Destiny a ‘lifestyle’, and once they did everything about their philosophy changed: they learned how to turn Destiny 2 into a hobby in its own right, “instead of something that is perishable.”

Destiny 2 launched in September 2017 on consoles as well as Activision Blizzard’s BattleNet storefront, but Bungie bought itself – and the Destiny IP – free from Activision Blizzard’s clutches early this year. Last month, Destiny 2 finally launched on Steam as a free-to-play game, opening it up to a whole new audience.

News Bits

Westwood’s cult classic Blade Runner has been revived and released on GOG

Westwood Studios’ 1997 point-and-click adventure Blade Runner has been essentially unplayable for about two decades, but now you can finally experience it again or for the first time.

Devoted fans teamed up with GOG.com to bring the classic back to life, allowing you to step into the shoes of Los Angeles detective Ray McCoy in a 2019 rather different from the one we live in for just $9.

Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy will lurch its way onto Switch in 2020

The Führer’s fury will be unleashed on the Switch in Rebellion’s totally believable zombie apocalypse take on the second world war. Zombie Army Trilogy features solo and multiplayer battles against hordes of zombie Nazi super soldiers across all of Europe. The brand new Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 4th.

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Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

What is the name of Luigi’s dog in the Luigi’s Mansion series?

Answer: Polterpup!

Luigi’s Mansion was a launch title for the GameCube, and the first time Luigi one-upped his brother to star in his very own game – and a launch game for a brand new console, to boot!

The sequel Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was made for the 3DS – and finally the third game brings Luigi’s spooky antics to the Switch. Turns out, you can never have enough Luigi in your life.

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