Make your own Pokémon Diorama Cube

Today: Looking for a DIY project that will both keep you busy during lockdown and demonstrate your fanatical devotion to classic Pokémon games? Make your own diorama cube!


Design this fantastic Pokémon diorama cube

Follow along with the video by GUMY Art and make your very own diorama cube based on Littleroot town from Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. You'll need a bit of paper and glue as well as a pair of precision scissors – oh, and a bit of patience helps too.

Print, snip and glue your very own Littleroot town

Print and paste: Download the supplied sheets and get scissoring while you watch the video. It's not terribly long, clocking in at around six minutes, but it shows you everything you need to do to do a professional-looking job.

Do it yourself: The video description also links to all the tools used in the video, so fire up your printer and celebrate Pokémon's 25th anniversary with some good, old-fashioned arts and crafts fun.