Meet Nvidia’s RTX 3090, Super Mario Remasters Delayed

TODAY: Capcom might be working an all-new Monster Hunter for Switch — Nintendo still quiet about rumoured Super Mario 35th anniversary remasters — Not much PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility after all?

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Nvidia will reveal new GPUs today

Nvidia will reveal its RTX 3000 series of GPUs in a live stream today at 5pm BST / 9am PDT. Expect tech specs, demos, release dates and price points.

Not much is known about Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs, but rumours claim it will be a significant performance improvement over the RTX 1000 and RTX 2000 series – maybe 60Hz 4K PC gaming will finally be within reach?

  • Geforce RTX 3090 is rumoured to have 24GB of GDDR6X memory
  • RTX 3080 is expected to outperform RTX 2080 Ti, at a lower price
  • RTX 3090 is expected to be power-hungry, demanding a 650W PSU

At what cost? Rumours claim that the RTX 3090 will cost around £1500, the RTX 3080 roughly £800, and the mainstream 3070 and 3060 are expected to cost £600 and £400 respectively.

Oh, and don’t forget to factor in a beefy power supply and maybe a new and more spacious case that can actually house one of these monsters.

What was the first Tom Clancy game?

  1. The Hunt for Red October
  2. Red Storm Rising
  3. SSN
  4. Tom Clancy’s Politika

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Where’s Luigi when you need him?

All the 3D Mario games have a lot of weird history behind them, but Super Mario Sunshine remains one of the stand-outs.

It was the only Mario game on GameCube, and builds on the style and characters introduced by Luigi’s Mansion. For example, Professor E. Gadd invented Luigi’s ghost-sucking Poltergust, Mario’s talking, water-spurting FLUDD and Shadow Mario’s magic paintbrush.

There are also less obvious parallels: The manager of Hotel Delfino wishes someone could help clean up his Boo infestation by, say, sucking them all up with a vacuum cleaner. Too bad Luigi stayed home, eh?

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New Monster Hunter for Switch?

According to Dusk Golem, there’s a new Monster Hunter game in development for Switch. The game supposedly runs on a Switch version of the RE Engine that powers Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake and Devil May Cry 5.

Dusk Golem claims Capcom attempted to bring Monster Hunter World to Switch, but that the ageing MT Framework engine was not a good fit for Switch. Although MT Framework was developed in the mid-2000s and even targeted the Wii, it appears the RE Engine is better suited to the Switch architecture. Several MT Framework games, like Resident Evil 6, Dragon’s Dogma and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

  • The new Monster Hunter will be the first RE Engine game for Switch
  • Monster Hunter World was the final MT Framework game, and RE Engine is Capcom’s new cross-platform engine

Switch Pro? There are also rumours about a Switch hardware revision or successor, supposedly much more powerful than the current model. Could the new Monster Hunter target the new Switch model, explaining why the RE Engine is suddenly running on Switch?

Rumoured Mario remasters delayed?

The rumoured 3D Super Mario remasters for Switch are now rumoured to be delayed. Nintendo apparently intended to celebrate Mario’s 35th birthday with remasters, but COVID-19 has scuppered those plans.

Whether based on leaks or pure speculation, the story was that a collection including remastered versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy are coming to Switch. There were also rumours about a deluxe version of Super Mario 3D World featuring new content, which is supposedly also delayed. Wow, that’s a lot of rumours!

  • The collection of remasters would coincide with Mario’s anniversary and the opening of the Super Nintendo World theme park
  • Nintendo’s release schedule has been seriously impacted by COVID-19, and there have not been much news about the new plans
  • The only confirmed first-party game before the end of the year is a remastered version of Pikmin 3 for Switch

Holiday remasters? There is also speculation that the remastered collection could launch later this year, alongside a Mario-themed Switch console. Super Mario Odyssey launched in October 2017, just in time for the Christmas sales, so it seems reasonable to assume that future Mario games will also aim to be out by Christmas.

Wreck Some Blocks with Cute Pups

“Stay back! I got Piffles, and I know how to use them!’

If there’s one year that needs an injection of adorable doggies and kitties, it’s 2020. Luckily, the Aussies from Hipster Whale and Mighty Game are bringing the sugary sweet Piffle to the Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve never heard of the puzzler from Mighty Games and Hipster Whale, it’s a mobile game that brought some fun changes to welltread genres, all with a focus on relaxing gameplay with a colorful aesthetic. Your dog, in his very silly onesie, has been taken by the evil Doc Block! Thus, it’s up to you to save the day and get him back through laidback puzzles (and maybe a few explosions along the way).

You might know the general gist: each block as a counter, and you will need to hit a block a certain amount of times to remove it from the playfield. Piffle takes a classic genre of breakout-esque puzzling and brings two additional mechanics to spice up the fun: powerups and crafting. Powerups are incredibly varied, giving you the option to know where your Piffles will bounce to bombs to blow stuff up. There’s plenty of ways to combo, and Piffle is really good at making each level bright and engaging.

Alongside the powerups is the ability to craft a bit later in the game, making cute outfits for your Piffles. Whilst they don’t have any gameplay value to the puzzles, that extra bit of customization adds to the positive vibes that Pliffle revels in. Besides, who doesn’t like making cute puppies cuter?

Piffle’s port will be available on September 2nd for $19.95. If you prepurrrrrrchase Piffle, it’ll be $13.96 instead! So if cute kitties chucking Piffles to save the day sounds up your alley, it might be a good time to give Piffle a shot on your Switch.

What It’s Got:

  • Overwhelming Cuteness
  • Chill Puzzling
  • Plenty of Powerups
  • Hundreds of Levels

The previous article was a sponsored post from Mighty Games and Hipster Whale for their title Piffle: A Cat Puzzle Adventure.

  • Halo Infinite will feature exclusive Monster Energy items such as 30-minutes of double XP boosts
  • Ubisoft seems to reveal PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility in a removed post stating that there will be no PlayStation, PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility. The post now only mentions multiplayer support
  • Now you can cancel eShop preorders up to one week before a game launches and payment will not be charged until the cancellation window closes
  • Dead By Daylight coming to next-gen consoles around launch and will feature improved lighting, textures and animations as well as running at 4k at 60Hz
  • The Division is free on Uplay until September 7th, so claim your copy, convince a few friends to do the same and brave the Dark Zone together

What was the first Tom Clancy game?

Answer: The Hunt for Red October!

Tom Clancy’s name has been plastered on military action games for a long time, and the very first one was a game adaptation of The Hunt for Red October in 1987.

It was a submarine simulator where your job was to bring the titular Red October to America while Soviet forces hunted you relentlessly. It had a mixed reception, with some praising its replayability and others decrying its sedate tempo.

There were other games based on Tom Clancy properties, but the brand didn’t really take off until Red Storm Entertainment hit gold with Rainbow Six in 1998.

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