Microsoft Shuts Minecraft Earth, Tenchu Revival for PS5?

Microsoft Shuts Minecraft Earth, Tenchu Revival for PS5?

Today: Sonic would be the world’s richest and fastest hedgehog — Minecraft Earth will not survive the COVID-19 pandemic — The Super Nintendo World park’s Japanese grand opening is only a month away

Tenchu could emerge from the shadows

A new Tenchu game might just be lurking in the shadows, after a more than decade long hiatus since Tenchu: Shadow Assassins.

The Tenchu series could be sent back to stealth school

Acquire president Takuma Endo revealed that the Stealth Assassin trademark was registered in August 2018 during an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Tenchu reboot: Endo and his studio would love to rebuild Tenchu from the ground up for the new console generation. Acquire will also be launching a new indie-styled label, with the initiative's first game launching later this year.

Gladiator glory: The new label will focus on different markets and experiences than the Acquire label. Acquire's next major release will be GladiuX, a gladiator adventure set in Rome during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

What year was Nintendo founded?

a) 1889
b) 1933
c) 1947
d) 1974

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Sam was almost serious about flags

Croteam seems to have planned a capture the flag mode for Serious Sam 2 at some point, but the only evidence left in the game is the loading screens included in the deathmatch update. Otherwise, there is no code or any assets for the capture the flag mode.

It would take another 6 years for Duke Nukem: Forever

The game also includes a sardonic nod to Duke Nukem Forever. If you turn off the path near the end of the Forsaken Compound, you’ll find Duke Nukem’s skeleton hanging from a tree. Sam remarks that “Dude, you’ve been hanging here, like, FOREVER,”.

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How much for that froggy in the window?

How much would it cost to have your very own Master Sword made so you could finally defeat an ancient evil and save a princess? What about a cardboard box to conceal you from enemy guards while you sneak around a heavily fortified location?

Sonic the Hedgehog drops billions every time he gets hit

H&T Pawnbrokers has done the maths for you, and can tell you what they would likely cost. Some of the items are actually surprisingly reasonable, but remember: They wouldn't be magical.

Game props real world cost

  1. Golden Rings (Sonic the Hedgehog) – £5.8bn / $7.7bn
  2. Diamond Pickaxe (Minecraft) – £5bn / $6.7bn
  3. Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda) – £1,800 / $2,394
  4. Froggy Chair (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) – £34 / $46
  5. Pip Boy (Fallout) – £19 / $25
  6. Brick Block (Mario Bros.) – £14 / $19
  7. Lawn Flamingo (The Sims) – £8 / $11
  8. Crowbar (Half-Life) – £5 / $7
  9. Cardboard Box (Metal Gear Solid) – £0.62 / $0.82
  10. Banana Peel (Mario Kart) – £0.02 / $0.03

Minecraft Earth ending June 2021

COVID-19 has claimed another victim: Minecraft Earth. The uncertainty surrounding lockdowns and social distancing rules means the game simply can not go on in its current form, and will be shutting down.

Minecraft Earth uses augmented reality like Pokemon GO

Since Minecraft Earth was “designed around free movement and collaborative play – two things that have become near impossible in the current global situation,” the developers have announced that they are shelving the project.

Final countdown: There will be one more major update before the services ceases in June. “We hope these adjustments will allow you to explore, craft, and build more – while staying safe indoors,” said the developers, promising that the changes will 'maximise fun'.

  • Real-world transactions disabled with ruby costs heavily reduced
  • All unreleased content now available
  • Time requirements reduced
  • Unused crafting/smelting boosts replaced with radius boosts of same level
  • Character Creator items for players who sign in between January 5th and June 30th
  • Paid ruby balances will convert to Minecoins
  • All Minecraft Earth user data will be deleted on July 1 this year

What year was Nintendo founded?

ANSWER: 1889!

What do you mean video games weren't real in the 1890s

Nintendo has a long history in the videogame industry, but they’ve actually been around for well over a century: Founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, the company manufactured Hanafuda cards and their primary business was playing cards for a long time. In the late 1960s the company finally started dabbling in electronic toys.

The Laser Clay Shooting System was Nintendo’s first arcade game, released in 1973. The light gun game was followed by their first game console, the Color TV-Game in 1977 and the rest is history. Only goes to show that success is inevitable if you stick to your guns and trust in the power of games.

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