Modders fixing Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on PC

Today: Hide from Cell in new Dragon Ball survival game — Wall Street Journal claims Bobby Kotick knew what was going on at his company — Riot shows off a load of new games at the Riot Forge Showcase

Modders are fixing up Grand Theft Auto

The retextured model from Fixed Ken Rosenberg

It's safe to say that the launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has not gone according to plan. The PC version was pulled from sale almost immediately due to music licensing issues, and the entire internet has spent the last few days pointing and laughing at the bugs.

Fortunately, the mod community is coming to the rescue, despite Take-Two's extraordinarily hostile stance on modding ahead of launching the remastered trilogy.

Here are some of the most useful mods:

  • Better Rain by Instanity666
    Changes the rain particle textures so you can actually see more than a few meters in front of you in bad weather
  • Fixed Ken Rosenberg by BRONXBX
    Dissatisfied with how Ken looks in the remaster? Let's see if modders can do something about that
  • Gun Runner fast completed by Dan4ick
    Want to be able to actually finish the game without waiting for Rockstar to patch it? Look no further
  • Make Los Santo Great Again by OussaMax
    Makes San Andreas look more warm, hazy, and vibrant again with improved fog and color grading

Which real-life musician do you look after in GTA: Vice City Stories?

a) Peter Gaibrial
b) Pat Benetar 
c) Billy Joel
d) Phil Collins

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Asymmetric Dragon Ball multiplayer fun

Dragon Ball: The Breakers teaser montage

Bandai Namco has just announced Dragon Ball: The Breaker, which pits seven survivors against the murderous Cell as he rampages around consuming and destroying everything in his path.

The twist is that you are not playing as Vegeta or any of the Z fighters, but assume the role of civilians (including the shape-shifting pig Oolong) trying to survive the onslaught by hiding and finding the right time to fight back using various weapons and gadgets.

Cell saga: The announcement trailer is mostly cinematics, but also shows a little gameplay where players run and hide from Cell as he tries to consume the other players and level up to his next form. It looks very much like a Dead by Daylight Dragon Ball game. 

Beta test: Dragon Ball: The Breakers is coming to PC and consoles next year, and a closed beta test will be announced soon for PC players.

Kotick knew what was going on years ago

Photo of Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick

The Wall Street Journal has investigated Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick and found that he knew quite a lot about the alleged sexual misconduct at his company.

For example, Kotick saved Treyarch co-head Dan Bunting from being fired following an internal investigation conducted in 2019. Instead, Bunting was “given counselling and allowed to remain”.

Accusations: Kotick himself has been “accused by several women of mistreatment both inside and outside the workplace,” according to the Wall Street Journal, but all the cases were settled “quickly and quietly” in private.

Frat culture: Jen Oneal's recent resignation from her role as co-head of Blizzard Entertainment was motivated by her feeling “tokenized, marginalized, and discriminated against.”

Empire of Sin keys for budding gangsters

Empire of Sin feature montage

Crime doesn't pay – unless you're good at it, and that's every sensible and enterprising crime entrepreneur needs lackeys. Sign up for our Empire of Sin Giveaway for PC and PlayStation 4, and start building your own goon army!

Prohibition, racketeering, money laundering – it’s the Chicago dream. Empire of Sin blends real-time strategy and turn-based tactical combat as you climb the ranks in the sleazy criminal underworld.

Thunderful World, Nacon, Curve Digital, Herocraft and Tropico sales

Tropico Franchise Sale banner

There is always a sale on at Humble Bundle, and now there's no less than five! First out is the Tropico Franchise Sale featuring up to 75% off everyone's favorite banana republic simulator series.

Next there is the Thunderful World Event Sale, the Nacon Publisher Sale, the Herocraft Publisher Sale and the Curve Digital Sale – all featuring discounts up to 90%!

Which real-life musician do you look after in GTA: Vice City Stories?

Phil Collins performing a virtual concert in Vice City Stories

ANSWER: Phil Collins!

Rockstar has always loved casting big names for its games, but Vice City Stories went above and beyond the call of duty: Phil Collins appears as, well, Phil Collins! You serve as a bodyguard for him and his manager, protecting them from the murderous Forelli Family.

It's the only time a celebrity has actually appeared as themselves in the Grand Theft Auto universe, and it works surprisingly well. Collins appears in three missions, including one where you protect him during a performance of In The Air Tonight. A truly unforgettable performance!

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