New Controller and Nintendo 64 Games for Switch?

Today: Halo and Destiny composer found in contempt of court — Nintendo is preparing to launch another new Switch controller — Amazon Games is developing a competitive AAA online game

Nintendo 64 games could be coming to Switch along with new online price

Close up photo of a Nintendo 64 controller

Rumour has it Nintendo is going to add Nintendo 64 games to Switch Online, making some of its most iconic classics available to all-new audiences.

The rumour also suggests Nintendo wants to add a more expensive Switch Online subscription tier, which will feature a bigger library of classic games, including Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

  • Switch requires a subscription for online services like multiplayer
  • Switch Online features a “growing library” of NES and SNES games
  • Retro titles are playable “at any given time” with a subscription
  • Individual Switch Online subscriptions cost £17.99 / $19.99 per year
  • Family plan provides access for up to 8 accounts for £31.49 / $34.99 a year

Price hike: “I don't think they would try to double the price of it… I'd come in at $30 a year, $35 would be the ceiling,” speculated insider ‘NateDrake’ about the rumoured price scheme. He believes it will be introduced this financial year.

Slow going: Not everyone is happy with Nintendo's slow release rate for NES and SNES classics, and especially not with the selection: Many celebrated classics are still absent, in favour of obscure or mediocre third-party games.

Where did Um Jammer Lammy go in the sixth stage of the European and Japanese versions of the game?

a) A Forest
b) An Airplane
c) An Exotic Island
d) Hell

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Halo and Destiny composer Marty O’Donnell found in contempt of court

Marty O'Donnell in an audio studio

Former Bungie audio director and composer Marty O'Donnell has been found ‘in contempt of court’ following his breach of an injunction order from 2015 stating that he must turn in all Destiny-related music material to Bungie.

O'Donnell had a less-than-amicable split from Bungie in 2014, and he uploaded material to his YouTube and Bandcamp accounts in 2019 that included early versions of what eventually became Music of the Spheres.

Failure to comply: This was in breach of a court order that Bungie secured against him as it “proves he did not comply with the order to return 'all material' to Bungie,” according to Bungie's motion.

Found guilty: On July 12th, a court agreed that O'Donnell violated the order and owes thousands in legal costs, must make a public statement of apology and have his devices audited by a third party to ensure he will not remain in possession of materials belonging to Bungie.

New Switch controller on the way

Nintendo Switch with additional peripherals

An FCC filing reveals that Nintendo is working on a new Switch peripheral judging by the model number, which includes the HAC prefix that's on all Switch hardware.

The filing includes a confidentiality agreement, which means that the details about the new hardware will remain under wraps for six months to avoid information leaking ahead of the announcement.

Top secret: That means no manuals or schematics accompany the filing, since all technical information is deemed “to be trade secrets and proprietary”.

HAC Club: HAC-001 is the model number of the Switch console itself, HAC-022 was the Ring-Con peripheral, and HAC-042 is the wireless SNES controller. What will HAC-043 turn out to be? Perhaps we could speculate at a Nintendo 64 themed controller…

Be the Bad Guy over at Humble Bundle

Be the Bad Guy Games Bundle sale banner

Nice guys finish last, so aren't you tired of being the perennial boy scout loser? That's right. Take a walk on the wild side. Embrace your baditude. Splurge on the Be the Bad Guy Game Bundle over at Humble Bundle. Pay what you want, so you can even practice being stingy.

Separate with at least £9.43 of your ill-gotten gains, and you’ll get all six games: Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager, the Definitive Editions of Mafia II & III, Dungeons 3, Postal 2 and Postal Redux.

Where did Um Jammer Lammy go in the sixth stage of the European and Japanese versions of the game?

Lammy rocks out in Hell (or on an island if you're an American).


The follow-up to Parappa the Rapper was the even wackier Um Jammer Lammy, about a lamb playing guitar in a band called MilkCan. In the US version, the sixth stage sees Lammy transported to an exotic island where she ends up playing at someone else’s concert – but the European or Japanese versions have a less paradisical bent.

Instead, Lammy just keels over and dies and ends up in hell. That’s not a euphemism, the poor lamb herself outright states that she is in fact in hell. There’s a fake credits gag before she gets dragged off to play at a concert that might let her come back to life. Interestingly, the stage and the song are pretty similar except for the, uh, obvious thematic differences.

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