Nintendo Direct Reveals Splatoon 3 and Project Triangle Strategy

Today: Not everyone is thrilled by Xbox Series S and its lower specs — BlizzConline press kit reveals announcements ahead of the show — Nightdive is adding a very important feature to System Shock 2

Nintendo Direct February 2021 round-up

Nintendo just broadcast a new Nintendo Direct, filled to the brim with news and announcements for Switch.

News about ‘Breath of the Wild 2’ will come later in 2021

The biggest surprises are Splatoon 3 and Star Wars: Hunters, alongside remasters of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Stubbs the Zombie In Rebel Without a Pulse. The broadcast lasted just over 50 minutes, and featured dozens of announcements.


Which beloved Nintendo designer wrote the concept for the original Famicom Detective Club?

a) Shigeru Miyamito
b) Makoto Kano
c) Yoshio Sakamoto
d) Satoru Okada

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The chicken before the easter egg

Silicon Studio’s action RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes is crammed full of references to other games, and its loading screens are recreations of NES and SNES box art. One of the caves in the game is named From Cave, after Demon’s Souls creator From Software.

3D Dot Game Heroes launched on PS3 in 2009/2010

From Software published 3D Dot Game Heroes in Japan, and there are several more Demon’s Souls references littered around the game. There is also a Legend of Zelda homage: Attack enough chickens, and a swarm of them will appear to punish you.

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Xbox Series S challenges developers

The Xbox Series S is the budget edition of Microsoft’s next-generation console, with less RAM and slower CPU and GPU than the high-end Xbox Series X. This is turning out to be a little problematic.

Xbox Series S has no optical drive as the digital console

Metro developer 4A Games struggled to overcome GPU limitations, and 4A's graphics technology is not really suited to the Series S.

Workarounds: “We have a compromise solution right now, but I am not satisfied with it yet,” said Chief Technical Officer Oleksandr Shyshkovtsov. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide developer Fatshark, however, is not worried and don't think the Series S will constrain developers too much.

No wildcards: “Many developers nowadays are used to a much more dynamic ecosystem of hardware,” explained Darktide game director Anders De Geer. It's “much easier to adapt to than to for example the wide variety of PCs out in the wild”, he said.

BlizzConline secrets revealed in press kit

The BlizzConline press kit got sent out a bit too early, and that means most of the online event’s announcements have already been revealed.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic is coming

The biggest surprise is World of WarCraft: Burning Crusade Classic, the first expansion for World of WarCraft Classic. It's an updated version of the original Burning Crusade, which gives World of WarCraft fans an opportunity to relive the early days of the once-dominant MMO.

Patch ahoy: The press kit also contains details about the Chains of Domination, the first major content patch for World of WarCraft: Shadowlands. Logos, screenshots and new armour sets have all been revealed – as well as a new flying ability.

More to come: There is probably more news in the press kit, but the BlizzConline event starts tomorrow anyway and will feature several channels of content for Blizzard's major series. No mention of Diablo IV news yet, so the weekend will probably still be full of surprises.

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Fancy yourself a tamer of monsters? Feast your eyes on the retro world of Coromon, with a demo available to play right now through Steam with a planned 2021 launch. It’s a modern monster taming RPG chock full of adventure, puzzles and turn-based monster battles.

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Get ready to swing the wrench your way

Remaster specialists Nightdive Studios has just tweeted a short clip showing a developer bashing an evil space monkey over the head with a wrench. Excited yet?

Well, you should be, because it means System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition will support not just VR but motion controls! Now we just need the original System Shock to get the same treatment…

VR demo of Epic Games’ Metahumans

Epic Games' Metahumans character creator for Unreal Engine will support authoring in VR. Epic Games hopes Metahumans will lower the threshold for making games with realistic, highly detailed human characters and allow even small studios to build high-end content.

Which beloved Nintendo designer wrote the concept for the original Famicom Detective Club?

ANSWER: Yoshio Sakamoto!

Imagine all the other great games Nintendo made that never came to us...

Even if you never heard of Detective Club before yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, you probably know some of the people who worked on it. The two Famicom Detective Club games, both for the Famicom Disk System, were based on a concept by Yoshio Sakamoto, designer of classic games like Wrecking Crew, Kid Icarus and Gumshoe.

The series’ producer was none other than Game & Watch creator Gunpei Yokoi. Only goes to show that many of the games made by Nintendo’s most important developers never made it out of Japan. Good thing they’re finally doing something about that!

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