Nintendo is Having Nightmare Dreams, ready for Half-life?

TODAY: Valve is doing spectacular business thanks to everyone’s favorite microbe — COVID-19 forces sports event organisers to dip their toes in Esports — Did Reggie finally convince GameStop’s board to close stores?

Nintendo's Nightmare Dreams

Dreams is turning into an IP nightmare

Sweet dreams are made of IP, and Nintendo are forcing Sony to police content in Media Molecule’s Dreams to make sure they don’t include any of theirs.

One Dreams creator said Sony removed a Mario model because it was copyrighted material and chucked in a letter from the legal and business affairs division of Sony Interactive Entertainment for good measure.

Illegal dreams: According to the user, Nintendo had objected to Mario’s appearance. It is unclear whether Nintendo intend to prevent any Nintendo property from appearing in Dreams, or if they are simply culling content that falls outside fair use.

Public domain: Dreams launched for PlayStation 4 in February, and much like Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series, users are encouraged to create and share content using the game. As long as you don’t infringe intellectual property, you should be able to create whatever your heart desires.

Time For A Quick Daily Quiz?

What was the first game requiring the use of Valve’s Steam client?

  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Counter Strike
  • Postal 2
  • Half-Life 2

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today’s issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Daily Fact

Dragon’s Crown was a Dreamcast title

Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown originally started out as a Dreamcast game, but the studio had a bit of trouble finding a publisher for the project, so it got postponed a bit. And then a bit longer. And a little bit longer than that, too.

The game didn’t see release until 2013, when Dragon’s Crown was finally published by Atlus and NIS America. It was a bit late for the Dreamcast, but at least PlayStation 3 and Vita owners could admire the sumptuous art and oddball platform RPG gameplay. It was also launched for PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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Pokémon News and Events

New Pokémon Masters Sync Pairs and solo co-op Battles

The latest Pokémon Masters update adds new Sync Pairs, and allows you to take on co-op battle stages on your own by letting you build teams of nine Sync Pairs.

You can only control the middle Sync Pair, and that’s the only one that will be earning experience. Unfortunately, EX Challenges can not be completed alone.

Competition ends: The Extreme Speed! Single Battles! competition concluded this weekend. The event featured time-limited battles where you could field any Pokémon, including ones transferred from Pokémon Home.

New anime episode: A new episode aired in Japan this weekend, where Ash challenged his first trainer in the Pokémon World Championships: A battle against one of Lt. Surge’s Deputy trainers at the Vermilion City Gym.

This Week In Gaming

Half-Life is back, but only on VR

Pretty much every day this week features an exciting release, but the marquee spot definitely goes to Valve’s VR exclusive Half-Life: Alyx, the first new game in the series since 2007. On the flip side, that means the other Half-Life games are no longer free to play on Steam. Sniff!

Monday – March 23

  • Half-Life: Alyx launches for PC
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III launches for PC

Tuesday – March 24

  • Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure launches for PlayStation 4 and Vita
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York launches for Switch
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Wednesday – March 25

  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York launches for PlayStation 4

Friday – March 27

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 launches for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch
  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected launches for Switch
  • Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] launches on PC

What Else Happened Today?

Esports Bits

La Liga hosts charity FIFA tournament

Last week, all twenty La Liga teams participated in a FIFA 20 charity tournament raising money for organizations fighting COVID-19.

Some of the league’s best players including Barcelona’s Sergi Roberto, Real Madrid’s Sergio Asensio and Atletico Madrid’s Marcos Llorente participated and Asensio ended up winning. The tournament raised just over 140,000€: 100,000 came directly from La Liga, while the remainder was raised by Twitch viewers.

Intel World Open Online Qualifiers postponed until May

The Intel World Open Online Qualifiers for Rocket League and Street Fighter V has been postponed until May 2nd. The qualifiers were scheduled for this weekend but Intel decided to push the event back thanks to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

The winners of the online open qualifiers will move on to the June live event in Katowice, Poland. The top-ranking players from Katowice will move on to the World Open event in Tokyo to qualify for the Olympics.

Fox Sports replaces NASCAR events with eNASCAR tournaments

American broadcaster Fox Sports has replaced cancelled NASCAR events with eNASCAR tournaments held using the popular iRacing simulator.

The eNASCAR tournaments will be broadcast in the same timeslot as the cancelled events and will feature commentator Jeff Gordon as well as drivers like Denny Hamlin, Bobby Labonte and Dale Earnhardt Jr. You can check out highlights from the first event in the NASCAR YouTube channel.

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Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

What was the first game requiring the use of Valve’s Steam client?

Answer: Half-Life 2!

If you think Epic has overstepped some boundaries with the Epic Game Store, you clearly don’t remember the early days of Steam.

Steam was originally launched to allow Valve to update their games more easily and mandate anti-cheat software for their popular online games, but it wasn’t mandatory until Half-Life 2 was launched on the platform in 2004. For the first time, you had to go online to authenticate your purchase and decrypt the game files. Once done, you could play Half-Life 2 however you wanted – including offline.

Of course, this didn’t go completely smoothly: Valve was not 100% prepared for the amount of people who wanted to authenticate the game at the same time and the servers promptly slowed to a crawl. It took a couple of days before Valve had fixed the server issues, and it certainly left a lot of people feeling wary of the new distribution system.

Steam has gotten a lot smoother in the last 15 years, but it’s good to remember that pretty much every innovation takes a bit of time to work out the kinks.

Today’s issue of DailyBits was written by Simon Priest, Gavin Herman, Erlend Grefsrud, Christian Vaz and Jamie Davey.