Nintendo purposefully holding back games?

Today: Hackers are threatening to release FIFA 21 source code — Netflix and Capcom announce Monster Hunter animated movie — What do you do if your favorite armored vehicle is misrepresented?

Nintendo sitting on Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime: Trilogy released in 2009 for Nintendo Wii

Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat claims that Nintendo has completed a Metroid Prime trilogy remaster, and are simply waiting for the perfect time to unleash it on the world.

“The game is done and Nintendo is holding it,” he said on the Giant Bomb podcast. “I think Metroid Prime trilogy is done and whether or not Nintendo releases it now or later depends on other factors.”

  • The remake Metroid: Samus Returns was released in 2017
  • Metroid Prime 4 was rebooted and handed over to Retro Studios
  • The remasters will probably launch alongside Metroid Prime 4
  • Metroid Dread is scheduled to launch in early October

Business as usual: Grubb added that it's not “unusual” for Nintendo to sit on a finished product, and that this is “not a sign of some bad thing happening,”. Nintendo can ‘afford to sit on it’ right now and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Dread next: Grubb believes the COVID-19 pandemic made QA resources scarce, and forced Nintendo to concentrate on fewer titles. Metroid Dread will launch on October 8th alongside the new Switch OLED model.

What commercial failure led to the creation of Donkey Kong?

a) Jack the Giantkiller
b) Sundance
c) Radar Scope
d) ET

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Pokémon unites on Switch this week

Pokémon Unite supports cross-platform play

The MOBA Pokémon Unite launches on Switch this week, and Orcs Must Die! 3 brings its unique brand of humorous tower defence horde mode mayhem to PC and console on Friday.

Tuesday – July 20th

  • Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed for PC, NS, PS4
  • Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights for PS4
  • Cotton Reboot! for NS, PS4
  • Cris Tales for PC, NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, Stadia
  • Death's Door for PC, XBO, XSX

Wednesday – July 21st

  • Pokémon Unite for NS

Thursday – July 22nd

  • Last Stop for PC,NS, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX

Friday – July 23rd

  • Orcs Must Die! 3 for PC, PS4, XBO, XSX

Hackers release data stolen from EA

EA's server breach has seen over 780GB of data stolen

Hackers broke into EA's internal network last month, and exfiltrated 780GB of data including source code for FIFA 21 and the Frostbite engine, and demanded a ransom to keep the data to themselves.

EA refused to pay, and the hackers have begun releasing data online to show they are serious about their threats and most likely spook EA into coughing up some cash.

No user data: The first release includes a compressed 1.3GB archive containing a forum with references to Origin and various development tools. EA claims the archive “does not contain data that poses any concern” to user privacy.

Highest bid: Both CD Projekt and Capcom fell victim to a similar attack not too long ago, and also refused to pay. As a result, the stolen data was auctioned off to the highest bidder, and EA is probably being threatened in a similar way.

Pull off crazy stunts with Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive returns, and tank battles are back too!

Grab the wheel and immerse yourself in ridiculous fun in Crash Drive 3, a free-roaming cross-platform online racing extravaganza featuring tank battles, beach ball smashing, and more. Enter here and share DailyBits with friends and family for a chance to win a Steam code!

What commercial failure led to the creation of Donkey Kong?

Radar Scope was a flop on its release

ANSWER: Queen!

Radar Scope might be the most important failure you've never heard of. Released in 1980, it was similar to Galaxian and Space Invaders but featured pseudo-3D graphics. Shigeru Miyamoto did some work on the game, but it was a total flop outside of Japan: 3,000 arcade cabinets were manufactured but only a thousand were sold and 2,000 ended up languishing in Nintendo's US warehouse.

Since Nintendo of America couldn't shift the cabinets, Nintendo started work on a new game that could be retrofitted into them. Shigeru Miyamoto was given the job, and he designed Donkey Kong which launched Nintendo on its trajectory towards videogame market dominance. If at first you don't succeed, pit a plumber against a gorilla at a construction site!

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