Nintendo Rom site owner ordered to Destroy all content

Today: Fans are thrilled about Microsoft’s real-time strategy revival — Valve fixes exploit that let hackers multiply Steam Wallet funds — Have a 10x10m space handy? Then you can play Space Pirate Arena!

Nintendo wins permanent injunction against ROMUniverse site owner

Haphazard pile of Nintendo game cartridges

Nintendo's legal battle against Matthew Storman, the owner of the now-defunct ROMUniverse website, has finally come to a conclusion, and Nintendo won a permanent injunction against the ROM download site, ordering the owner to destroy all its content.

Nintendo argued that without a permanent injunction, nothing would prevent Storman from simply opening a new distribution channel. The judge agreed that Nintendo had suffered ‘irreparable harm’ as a result of ROMUniverse's conduct.

  • Nintendo sought damages of $15 million
  • $35,000 in statutory damages was agreed on alongside $400,000 in trademark damages
  • 49 games at $35,000 makes $1.715 million in damages
  • All ROMUniverse content must now be destroyed

Missed payment: No injunction was in place until Nintendo argued that by missing the first $50 payment on the $2.1 million fine, ROMUniverse owner Matthew Storman was in breach of the court's order.

Delete everything: As a result, Nintendo argued that Storman was unwilling to act according to the court's decision, and that Nintendo should be granted a permanent injunction. Storman must destroy all of ROMUniverse's content by August 17th.

What ability did Batman lack in pirated copies of Arkham Asylum?

a) Takedowns
b) Gliding
c) Detective Mode
d) Punching

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Age of Empires 4 testers ‘recommend it’

Concept artwork for Age of Empires IV Closed Beta

According to a straw poll among Age of Empires 4 beta testers, a majority of testers recommend Microsoft's upcoming real-time strategy game.

The poll suggests that 500 beta testers recommend the game, with another 250 saying they will recommend it if certain bugs are fixed and tweaks applied ahead of launch.

A strong majority: That leaves about 140 respondents saying no, which seems like a pretty ringing endorsement. Real-time strategy games are thin on the ground these days, and fans of the genre are eager to see Microsoft revive its classic series.

October launch: Age of Empires 4 is in development across Relic Entertainment and Microsoft's own studio World's Edge. The game is scheduled to launch on October 28th for PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Steam Wallet unlimited funds exploit fixed

Photo of Steam Wallet Cards in retail store

A security researcher was awarded $7500 by Valve after discovering a Steam Wallet exploit that could give hackers unlimited funds.

The exploit allowed unscrupulous users to increase the balance in a Steam Wallet by altering the Steam account's associated email address to include the term “amount100”.

Ones and zeroes: When using the payment provider Smart2Pay, it was possible to add the minimum amount of $1 and then intercept the POST request after it was sent and alter the amount to $100.

Strange quirks: However, the trick would only work if the phrase “amount100” appeared in the Steam account's registered email address. Valve and Smart2Pay worked together to resolve the issue.

No plans to bring Fracked outside PSVR

nDreams has stated that it doesn't have any plans to bring Fracked to other VR platforms as the game was tailor-made for PlayStation VR. There are no plans to add any multiplayer modes either, since it was designed as a single-player experience.

Space Pirate Arena needs 10x10m space

Space Pirate Arena is getting closer to launch, so you better clear some space: You'll need no less than a 10×10 meter space to enjoy its 1:1 movement gameplay. The game won't even boot if you can't meet this requirement, warned developer Dirk Van Welden of I-Illusions.

Lone Echo II delayed until later this year

Ready At Dawn has announced that Lone Echo II will be delayed, even though the studio announced a release date just last month. “It has become clear that we needed a bit more time to polish”, it explained and the game is now due a bit later this year.

What ability did Batman lack in pirated copies of Arkham Asylum?

Batman showing his glidin' skills in a non-pirated copy of Arkham Asylum

ANSWER: Gliding!

You might remember how Spyro: Year of the Dragon’s copy protection made it impossible to complete a pirated copy of the game, but Insomniac isn’t the only creative yet cruel developer out there. If you tried to pirate Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, you’d lose a rather critical ability: Using Batman’s cape to glide.

It’s a pretty important skill used frequently throughout the game, and since it’s missing pirates will not even get through the introduction where Batman must save a group of scientists from Joker’s toxin. Instead of elegantly gliding to their rescue, Batman will heroically plummet to his doom.

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