Nioh 3 Hint Dropped as Team Ninja Explore Haptic Feedback Possibilities

Nioh 2 Director Fumihiko Yasuda wants to innovate with new experiences by building a game that utilises the PlayStation 5’s haptic feedback capabilities.

“We considered a lot of different ideas for how to support these features [in Nioh 2]”, he told DailyBits. “For a really intense action game, utilizing the haptic feedback too much may take away from the player’s experience with the game and could hurt their overall enjoyment of the title.”

Yasuda-san, Game Director on Nioh 2 Complete Edition

“As a result, we implemented only a few of the most suitable ideas into the game. I would like to try and make a game that makes full use of the PS5’s haptic feedback feature in the future. It would turn into a game that couldn’t be experienced on the previous generation of hardware.”

Yasuda-san also suggested that, although the team are focusing on new projects for now, a follow-up to Nioh 2 remains a possibility.

“The plan for now is to have the Nioh team move on to work on new projects after the release of Nioh 2 Complete Edition. In order to ensure that future titles, including the possibility of Nioh 3, are titles that all of our fans can enjoy and look forward to, we are putting all of our effort into Nioh 2 CE.”

Haptic Feedback is Here: Astro’s Playroom remains the most impressive game to utilise haptic feedback so far. Titles such as Call of Duty: Cold War and FIFA 21 have dabbled with the feature that is sure to become more commonplace soon.

Nioh 2 Freebies Drop: Two new armour sets will be available to all Nioh 2 players between Feb. 5-26, to celebrate the game’s remastering and release on PS5. The Ornate Gold Armour and Sohaya Deserter Garb are worth a look for the head pieces alone.

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