Photos reveal fired Blizzard developer’s Cosby Suite

Today: How energy consumption laws in some US states are affecting PC sales — Grab the Porygon-Z that won last year’s Trainers Cup next week — PAX West will happen, but only for vaccinated and negative guests

Inside Blizzard’s booze-filled Cosby Suite

Afrasiabi’s hotel room as the Cosby Suite in 2013

More and more stories about the “frat boy” culture at Blizzard Entertainment have surfaced in the last few days, including a Kotaku exposé about the so-called Cosby Suite.

Pictures show Blizzard employees posing with a portrait of disgraced actor Bill Cosby, while others show a considerable stock of alcohol – all accompanied by text messages and group chats revealing a certain lascivious atmosphere.

  • Apparently named the Cosby Suite in reference to Bill Cosby
  • One source said the room was named after Cosby's Sweatshirts
  • Conversation "became increasingly sexualised" over time
  • Developers bragged about "bringing hot chixx" to the suite
  • Activision Blizzard ‘made aware’ of the suite in June 2020

Annual event: Former Blizzard employee Alex Afrasiabi was often involved in the Cosby Suite, which became a BlizzCon tradition and served as an "informal networking" event for staff and fans.

Frat culture: An internal chat group known as the "BlizzCon Cosby Crew" offers another glimpse into the "frat boy" work environment which caused the state of California to file a lawsuit against Blizzard.

Who developed the first Simpsons video game?

a) Konami
b) Atari
c) EA
d) Capcom

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Next free games on Epic Games Store

Free to claim and keep on Epic Game Store

The next pair of free games on Epic Game Store will be Plague Tale: Innocence and Speed Brawl, which will be available between August 5th and August 12th. You can grab Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2 right now.

Epic says they have attracted over 160 million PC users since it launched Epic Game Store in December 2018, promising a lower commission than competitors like Steam.

Big spender: Epic has also spent a considerable amount of money compensating studios signing exclusivity deals for revenue lost from not being available on other platforms, as well as over $12 million for letting its games be given away.

Summer sale: The Epic Game Store summer sale started last week and will last until August 5th, offering discounts up to 75%.

New Pokémon Snap content update trailer

Pre-built PCs will need to be careful

There is a free update for New Pokémon Snap on the way, and the new trailer shows off the upcoming goods for the photo safari adventure.

The update unlocks new areas, and an opportunity to shrink yourself and explore the undergrowth where you can seek Bug-type Pokémon and get a whole new perspective on their bigger relatives.

More Pokémon: The new update goes live on August 3rd, and adds 20 more Pokémon like Snorlax, Psyduck, Shroomish, Gyarados and many more. New areas also feature both day and night-time variants.

Reimagined classic: New Pokémon Snap is a remake of Pokémon Snap for Nintendo 64, released in 1999. You travel around the Lental region aboard a hovercraft, helping researchers document the local wildlife with your photography skills.

Adventure Beyond Sale with up to 90% off

Humble offers some not-so humble discounts

If you have an adventurous spirit, there are stupendous savings on Humble Store right now in the Adventure Beyond Sale, which offers up to 90% off some juicy PC games.

Highlights include dystopian sci-fi thriller Deus Ex: Human Revolution, crime epic Sleeping Dogs, madcap action in Just Cause, the animal noir thriller Backbone, the violently absurd Party Hard and loads more.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Giveaway for PC on Steam

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a compilation

Objection! We have a code for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on Steam, and you can win it if you enter our competition! Check out The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Giveaway to learn more with three ways to earn an opportunity to dispense justice. Take that!

Quest 2 foam padding causes irritation

Facebook has halted sales of Oculus Quest 2 following reports that the foam padding causes “mild skin irritation”. Users have been offered a silicone cover for the foam after complaints of puffy faces. “The safety and comfort of every customer is our top priority,” according to Oculus. You can request a free silicone cover from the official Oculus website.

MicroProse reveal Carrier Command 2 VR

MicroProse just released a VR trailer for Carrier Command 2, a futuristic real-time carrier strategy game. The trailer shows off some virtual command deck action with plenty of tempting buttons, and the VR version promises full multiplayer support including crossplay with the standard version.

nDreams starts up new VR development

Former EA development lead Chris White is opening a new VR studio for nDreams called nDreams Studio Orbital. The studio will be working on VR games with “a live game element to them,” according to White, and it's currently recruiting staff for the first projects.

Who developed the first Simpsons video game?


ANSWER: Konami!

The Simpsons might be way past its prime but it was a real juggernaut in the early 90s, revolutionizing both television and merchandising. Konami even made an arcade game based on the show, producing a wacky side-scrolling brawler similar to its celebrated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game.

The game was made so early in the series’ run that certain characters had not really been properly established yet, and that results in some slightly out-of-character antics like Sideshow Bob handing out food power-ups. The Simpsons arcade game was released on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, but has since vanished from the stores. A reproduction of the original arcade cabinet is planned for release later this year, so you can relive the golden years.

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