Pirated Resident Evil Village ‘runs better’, Capcom comments on DRM issues

Capcom comments on issues and reveals a patch is coming

Pirates have the last laugh for now

It's an old and sad truism that paying customers get a worse experience than pirates, and this appears to be the case with Resident Evil Village.

Applying a crack to the latest entry in Capcom's long-running series solves many of the performance issues that plague the game, including sudden frame drops when killing enemies and compromised performance when screen-filling particle effects are shown.

Blame it on the DRM: The cracking group responsible for the patch claim the performance issues are caused by the Denuvo anti-piracy software, and Capcom's own integration with it.

CPU spikes: For some reason, particularly CPU-intensive DRM code kicks in during certain animations, which causes the reduced performance. DRM is often accused of ruining the fun for paying customers without doing much to stop piracy.

Capcom's response: We reached out to Capcom for comment, and they told us that a patch is coming and will be released soon; "The team is currently looking into the reported PC performance issues and are working on a patch that should be available soon – we’ll follow up with more details shortly."