PlatinumGames wants to ‘revive’ Scalebound with Microsoft

Today: Andy Serkis takes a turn as a grumpy Warhammer 40,000 space marine — Test your Pokémon trivia skills with Squirdle — Take a peek behind the scenes of The Wolf Among Us 2

PlatinumGames ‘could revive’ Scalebound

Scalebound’s Drew riding the dragon Thuban

PlatinumGames' Xbox-exclusive Scalebound was cancelled in 2017, but it seems like the game could still have a future.

Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya told IGN Japan that they still believe in the game, and that they would like to talk to Microsoft about reviving the project.

  • Single and multiplayer action RPG
  • Directed by Hideki Kamiya, published by Microsoft Studios
  • Less focused on all-out action than the studio's previous games

Drew & drake: Scalebound was a third-person action RPG in development between 2013 and 2017, starring a hero named Drew and his dragon companion Thuban. The IP belongs to Microsoft, but presumably, the code, art, and other work sits somewhere on PlatinumGames' company network.

Lacked skills: In another interview with Cutscenes, Hideki Kamiya apologised for the project being cancelled, saying the team didn't have the necessary experience to deliver an online game of that scale.

Which actor voiced Bubsy the Bobcat in Bubsy 3D?

a) Lani Minella
b) Brian Silva
c) Rob Paulson
d) Jess Harnell

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters stars Andy Serkis

Grey Knight from Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters

Complex Games' turn-based strategy RPG Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is out on May 5th, and the developers have one last surprise announcement in store.

None other than Andy Serkis will lend his voice to Vardan Kai, Grand Master of the Grey Knights, the leader and swordbearer of the 1st Brotherhood.

Key contact: Kai “acts as the player’s contact” within the infamous Grey Knights Citadel on Titan, where he monitors Strike Force Xiphos. He will play a key role in the game's campaign.

’Granite faced’: Serkis provided “over 100 lines of unique dialogue”, and said it was a “wonderful experience” to be under the grim shadow of the far future where there is only war, and looks forward to players being subjected to his “tough love”.

Wordle gets Pokémon ‘rival’ with Squirdle

Squirdle guessing game

The New York Times may have acquired Wordle, but the clone wars rage on and the latest twist on the formula is Squirdle, a fan-made game where you guess Pokémon.

It's a clever spin on Wordle's word-guessing format, and draws on the vast amount of information in the Pokédex, turning it into more of a trivia game than just a clone with a Pokémon dictionary.

Guess ‘Em All: The creator – Sergio Morales Esquivel – resisted the temptation to make the game easy for beginners, and guessing the daily Pokémon requires you to know all kinds of stats from generation to type, height and weight.

Free frustration: The daily version of Squirdle lets you guess at one Pokémon a day, and you can play it online. There's also a Gen 1 version for the purists.

Cards, puzzles, racers and a publisher sale

Wired Productions Publisher Sale banner

May we humbly ask for your attention: There are tremendous discounts at HumbleBundle as the Wired Productions Publisher Sale offers up to 90% off its library.

For the mindful among us, the Card & Puzzle Sale is offering up to 90% off plenty of brain teasers and card games, while adrenaline junkies might find something to enjoy in the Racing Sale which also shaves up to 90% off prices.

  • Apex Legends has been rated for PlayStation 5 by the ESRB, which makes it a fairly certain bet that an announcement is just around the corner
  • Play Ubisoft's Riders Republic for free this weekend between February 10th and 14th and enjoy a 50% discount if you like it
  • Go behind the scenes with the team behind The Wolf Among Us 2 in a live stream at 10:00am PT on Twitch and YouTube
  • Polyphony is working with Sony's AI division on Gran Turismo 7 and they have released a short teaser that doesn't exactly make it clear what the results of the partnership will be
  • You can play a gloriously retro Wordle on Game Boy thanks to a ROM you can download for free, although the wordlist is limited

Which actor voiced Bubsy the Bobcat in Bubsy 3D?

Bubsy the Bobcat stands in the middle of a Bubsy 3D level

ANSWER: Lani Minella!

Oh Bubsy, wherefore art thou Bubsy? Originally a literal Sonic copycat, the speedy bobcat has proved surprisingly popular despite the questionable quality of the games he has starred in, and no less than four different actors have voiced him across six games and an unreleased pilot.

The perhaps most surprising interpretation comes courtesy of Lani Minella in Bubsy 3D. Better known as Ivy Valentine in the Soul Calibur series, Minella delivers a cartoony and in-your-face Bubsy that really stands out from the rather more sultry Ivy. Just try not to imagine being whipped by Bubsy dressed in medieval fetish gear.

There's a Nintendo Direct taking place this evening at 5pm ET, 2pm PT and 10pm BST, which will showcase over 40mins of games that will be launching in the first half of 2022. We'll have a full report for you tomorrow with all the highlights.

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