Pokémon Presents Planned, Speed Golf with Mario

Today: Customize Mass Effect Legendary Edition to your heart’s content — Mario Golf: Super Rush introduces a whole new take on speed golf — Ever wondered what a male Viera looks like?

Next Pokémon Presents in June

Pokemon revealed new games last June

The next Pokémon Presents stream will apparently be broadcast in June, and will announce the release date for Pokémon Unite.

At least that's what @KeliosFR claims: “Pokémon Presents incoming early June to announce Pokémon UNITE release, BDSP release date etc.”. BDSP refers to the Switch remake of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.

Glittering announcements: The last Pokémon Presents stream in February revealed the long-rumoured Switch remake Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. The next one will most likely take place around E3, which makes June a hot month for announcements and marketing events.

What song was Final Fantasy VIII’s “Love Theme”?

a) Eyes on Me
b) Simple and Clean
c) Melodies of Life
d) The Man with the Machine Gun

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Third vampire’s the charm

Darkstalkers 3 is called Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire in Japan, and according to producer Noritaka Funamizu the game was simply called Vampire 3 at first.

Darkstalkers 3 first hit arcades in 1997

The title was changed to Vampire Savior because Capcom wanted unique titles for each game with connotations you would discover as you played it. The international release decided to keep things simple and just stuck with Darkstalkers 3. The blood splatters were also toned down to make the game a tiny bit less violent.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition top mods

Most Mass Effect mods likely can’t carry over to LE

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has just emerged from hyperspace, and is enjoying the top spot on the Steam sales chart, just ahead of Subnautica: Below Zero and Resident Evil Village.

The modding community has already sunk its fangs into the remastered trilogy, adapting existing mods or creating new ones.

Mods highlights

  • Better Camera (Higher FOV) by Jade
    “Changes the Gameplay Field of View to an FOV of your choice for the entire Trilogy.”
  • Trilogy Save Editor by Karlitos
    “A save editor for Mass Effect Trilogy.”
  • Easy Console Commands by Seeker Erebus
    “Lets you use all of the console commands without needing to quit out of the game or replace files after the first time.”
  • LEME1 Autosave and QOL console hacks. by Tromador
    “Makes ME1 autosave regularly. Provides some console commands, especially useful for replays.”
  • Disable DoF – Increase Shadow Resolution – Boost Texture Filtering by Metzli
    “A simple settings .ini edit to disable Depth of Field, Mouse Acceleration, boost shadow resolution and increase Anisotrophic and Anti-aliasing sample passes.”
  • Skip Launcher Intro by JadeBarker
    “Replaces original launcher video with a single frame, black video file.”

Get your golf on with Mario this summer

Swing and sprint in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Nintendo has released an overview trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush, where the whole Mushroom Kingdom tees off against each other.

The trailer is over 5 minutes long, and introduces the game mechanics while revealing a good portion of the courses and the 16-strong roster of characters. You can also import your own Mii avatars.

Speed Golf: While the golf simulation itself looks both fairly realistic and satisfying, there's also a generous helping of Nintendo playfulness, including a novel take on Speed Golf where you race the other players to your ball.

Multiplayer mayhem: There's both online and local multiplayer support for up to 4 players, and you can get your golf on come June 26th.

What song was Final Fantasy VIII’s “Love Theme”?

Darling, so there you are...

ANSWER: Eyes on Me!

Final Fantasy VIII didn't inspire quite as much adoration as its predecessor, but it's still got a staunch following thanks to its charming cast, catchy story – and great music. The signature number is Faye Wong's Eyes on Me, a bombastic love ballad that perfectly encapsulates Final Fantasy VIII's sweeping melodrama.

In the game's fiction, Eyes on Me was written by Rinoa's mother for a soldier named Laguna.  The song was a hit in Japan, selling triple platinum and demonstrating that video game music can indeed go mainstream.

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