PUBG Entering Season 8, Ubisoft Rebooting Skull & Bones?

TODAY: NES could have been a 16-bit console with games on floppies — Fan favorite Sanhok gets a facelift in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — Ghost of Tsushima is a fitting end to the console generation

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Ubisoft reboots Skull & Bones

Wonder why naval warfare game Skull & Bones was missing from Ubisoft Forward? Looks like the team decided to reboot development last year.

Ubisoft’s Singapore studio struggled to find “a unique position among Ubisoft’s existing portfolio of open-world games.” It’s not inconceivable that the naval combat veered a bit too close to that seen in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

  • Announced at E3 2017, Skull & Bones was scheduled for late 2018
  • Ubisoft was planning a closed beta in 2018, but it never happened

Live after death: Ubisoft wants to develop Skull & Bones as a live title rather than try to turn it into a premium title: “The game will now feature a persistent game world with quests, characters and storylines that will drastically evolve and change over time based on the collective actions of the community,” says Andy Robinson at VGC.

Time For A Quick Daily Quiz?

Which song does Goro Majima sing in Yakuza 0’s karaoke minigame?

  • 24 Hour Cinderella
  • Bakamitai
  • Ijisakura 2000
  • Judgement -Shinpan-

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Daily Fact

The origins of Nintendo’s first console

Nintendo has become synonymous with video games, but in 1980 they were underdogs to companies like Atari and Namco.

The Famicom was released in Japan in 1983, and was launched as Nintendo Entertainment System in the US in 1985. The platform went on to sell over 61 million units and dominated the videogame market throughout the 80s.

It was originally supposed to be a 16-bit computer with floppy disk storage, but Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi wanted the console to have a broader appeal, so it ended up as a cheaper 8-bit console with cartridge storage. The rest, as they say, is history.

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PUBG Updates

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds season 8 promises Sanhok facelift

According to PUBG Corporation, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has sold over 70 million copies on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Stadia. By way of celebration, the developers are remastering Sanhok and improving the visuals and performance in the fan-favorite map.

Like Erangel before it, Sanhok is receiving a much-needed performance boost and a number of locations including Pai Nan, Khao and Quarry have been redesigned based on player feedback. The team are also promising big visual upgrades, adding more foliage and detail to the jungle map. You can read the Season 8 patch notes here.

  • Season 8 introduces the Loot Truck which drives through the map rewarding players that damage it with precious gear
  • The latest Survivor Pass offers a chance to earn loads of new skins

When does it start? The next update launches on July 22nd on PC, and on July 30th on consoles. If you want to play the update early, the PC test server updates on July 15th while the console test server is updated on July 20th.

Ghost of Tsushima Verdict

Ghost of Tsushima Review Roundup

Sucker Punch are about to release their first game since Infamous First Light in 2014. Ghost of Tsushima is the final Sony first-party for PlayStation 4, and it looks like a great swan song to this console generation.

So far the Metacritic rating is 84 based on 55 reviews, and many critics are calling this Sucker Punch’s best game yet.

What Else Happened Today?

  • New update and icon for Deadly Premonition Origins on Switch. The 1.04 update is only available for the downloadable version for now
  • Kojima Productions wants to bring Death Stranding to PS5 after they finish launching the PC version
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2 launches July 30th for Xbox One and will be added to Xbox Game Pass the same day, making it the third Yakuza game on the subscription service.
  • The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System launches on August 1st alongside the LEGO Super Mario game kit. It will cost $229.99.
  • Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition has been rated by the Brazilian advisory rating board and has completed several beta tests, so it’s likely to be out by the end of the year

Gaming Deals

Today’s Gaming Deal Highlights

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Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

Which song does Goro Majima sing in Yakuza 0’s karaoke minigame?

Answer: 24 Hour Cinderella!

Few franchises balance tragedy, comedy, realism and absurdity as deftly as the Yakuza series.

In Yakuza 0, Goro Majima works at a cabaret club in a bid to get back into the Tojo Clan – but the only way in is to murder an innocent woman, which doesn’t sit well even with the Mad Dog.

So what song does he perform? A moody ballad? Perhaps a moody blues? Oh no, he sings a kitschy disco tune, of course! And that’s why Yakuza is so much fun: The games are not afraid to be silly and have a bit of thematic contrast. If you’ve never played it, the series is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so crack some skulls and sing some songs!

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