Rats and Zombies Optimised, Seasonal Thieves

Today: Sony and Microsoft still struggling to meet next-gen demand — Big update for State of Decay 2 as it gets optimized for next-gen — Microsoft Flight Simulator VR update just around the corner

Rare teases bounteous booty for 2021

Those buckleswashers at Rare have just announced the final Sea of Thieves news of the year, teasing a fine haul of booty for 2021.

Sea of Thieves launched in March 2018

The new year will bring a battle pass-style progression system and a season system, and the team will focus their efforts on the most popular mode, Adventure, which means the Arena mode will probably receive a little less developer love. It's not going away, but there won't be anything new for it either.

Landlubberly: The new content model will cast off in January, with seasons lasting 3 months. Each season will offer a “new experience or way of play.”

X marks the spot: The first season will introduce a new voyage for the Merchant Alliance trading company offering a mystery on the high seas involving a lost shipwreck and its booty. New Pirate Emporium stock will appear each season, and there will be regular live events.

What was the first movie crossover to appear in Rocket League?

a) Jurassic Park
b) Batman v. Superman
c) Fast and Furious
d) Back to the Future

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Nintendo’s first M-rated title skipped N64

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was originally in development for Nintendo 64, but Silicon Knights decided to shift development to the GameCube instead and aimed to make it a launch title. It was often compared to Resident Evil, but also featured a sanity mechanic.

Director Denis Dyack tried to crowd fund a spiritual successor

If the player character’s sanity took too many hits, weird things would start happening, ranging from bugs crawling around the screen to your save games getting deleted.

Nintendo acted as publisher, and it was actually their first M-rated title. Like most Silicon Knights games, Eternal Darkness had a difficult development and changed drastically between announcement and its eventual release in 2002.

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Next-gen console shortages continue

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X stock shortages continue, and scalpers keep snapping up what stock they can and mark it up while increasingly hopeless parents look for ways to fulfill their children’s console dreams.

A plea to save Christmas, or a heart tugging scam

For example, there's an auction for a piece of paper on eBay with the message ”Please buy this note so I can buy my 11 year old son a PS5 for Christmas after a rubbish year! Merry Christmas”.

A group of organized scalpers based in the UK claims to have bought around 3,500 PlayStation 5 units thanks to bots watching online stores and snapping up stock.

Scam fatigue: The note has received over a dozen bids, and currently looks set to raise over £700. It is, of course, impossible to tell if the 11-year-old in question exists, or if this is simply a cynical ploy using PlayStation 5 to get attention.

Stolen orders: There are also numerous reports of PlayStation 5 units vanishing in transit in the UK. Some reports say deliveries are reported as delivered but never turned up, or replaced with other items. Both Sony and Microsoft are promising to deliver more stock soon.

More old games for Xbox Series X/S

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and State of Decay 2 have been optimized for Xbox Series X/S and are now available on Xbox Games Pass.

Optimised Skaven and plague zombies in time for Christmas

That means you can purge the Skaven menace at 60FPS, while State of Decay 2 just got a major content update free of charge.

Hardcore: The biggest addition is the new Lethal Zone difficulty, perfect for “ultra-hardcore” survivors who want an even greater challenge, and the developers promise “murderously unfair” combat since the difficulty level doubles damage and infection rates.

Freakish: All freaks are replaced with Heartland’s blood plague freaks, and smashing a plague heart no longer kills the surrounding plague zombies. There's also a new Lethal Map, which is 70-80% pre-looted and offers fewer vehicles as well as cripplingly demoralised survivors.

Flight Simulator VR update in three weeks

The eagerly anticipated VR update for Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on December 22nd, just ahead of a jumbo-sized update scheduled for January.

“Oculus family, Valve family – every family of headset is going to be supported,” stated executive producer Martial Bossard.

Impulse Gear teases new project

Farpoint creator Impulse Gear have just moved into fancy new offices in San Francisco (although they also allow team members to work from home), and have started work on a new project.

“You’ll be hearing a lot more from us over the course of the next couple months,” they said, alongside a carefully blurred photo from one of their “brainstorming sessions”.

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What was the first movie crossover to appear in Rocket League?

ANSWER: Back to the Future!

Great Scott!

Rocket League has featured a load of cross promotions over the years, including celebrating console launches with crossovers like Twisted Metal for PlayStation, Gears of War for Xbox and Metroid for Switch, but the most popular ones have been based on Hollwood blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Fast and Furious or Ghostbusters.

Their very first Hollywood crossover was Back to the Future, offering the time-travelling DeLorean for just £1.69 on October 21st, 2015. The DeLorean vanished after the Item Shop was introduced in December last year – but there’s always a chance that it could time-paradox itself back into the game in the future.

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