Recent Rainbow Six Siege Sledge and Iana nerfs criticised


Players are accusing Ubisoft of hypocrisy following a balance update for Rainbow Six Siege which attempts to make more operators viable since most players only use a small subset of them.

Close-up shot of Polish operator Zofia

For example, Zofia needed to be brought “more in line with other operators,” to encourage frag-focused attackers to consider Ace, Sledge and Iana as well.

Punishing advice: That worked only too well, and now Sledge and Iana have been downgraded to prevent them from dominating the roster, prompting some frustration in the community.

Delicate ecosystem: Players accuse Ubisoft of haphazard design tweaks, disturbing the delicate balance of the highly competitive game. Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015 and has grown into a successful esport despite a lukewarm reception at release.