Rockstar brings back original versions of GTA Trilogy

Today: Halo Infinite will have a co-op campaign, but not until next year — Official modding tools are coming to Age of Empires IV next year — Nintendo is finally embracing competitive Smash Bros.

Rockstar Games to restore original PC versions of Grand Theft Auto trilogy

Montage of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition

Rockstar has finally made a statement about the less-than-smooth Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition launch, apologizing for failing to meet expectations.

“We have ongoing plans to address the technical issues and to improve each game going forward. With each planned update, the games will reach the level of quality that they deserve to be,” said Rockstar.

  • The classic Grand Theft Auto versions will be re-released as a bundle
  • Rockstar's statement only mentions the PC version of the remastered trilogy
  • The Definitive Edition versions are based on earlier mobile ports
  • Modders are already busy fixing up the PC version

Updates: An update is on the way for all versions of the remastered trilogy which should take care of the most egregious bugs, but Rockstar has also announced that the original PC versions will return to sale.

Originals: Buying the Definitive Edition will also bag you free copies of the original versions for PC to be redeemed from the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Which classic platform was Retro City Rampage ported to?

a) Amiga
d) Sega Master System

The answer will be revealed at the bottom of today's issue. Join up with our community on Twitter and Facebook to discuss what the answer could be.

Death’s Door reaps on PlayStation, Switch

Death’s Door banner artwork

Not a lot of games coming out this week, but at least Acid Nerve's Death's Door is coming out for Switch and PlayStation consoles. Practice caw-cawing your finest nevermore and get ready to reap!

Monday – November 22

  • Farming Simulator 22 for PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XBX

Tuesday – November 23

  • Death's Door for NS, PS4, PS5

Co-op campaign and Forge mode for Halo Infinite not likely until May 2022

Close-up of Master Chief’s Spartan helmet

Halo Infinite is almost here, but although the multiplayer launched last week and the campaign is unleashed on December 8th, the co-op campaign and Forge modes will not be out until next year.

Xbox just celebrated its 20th anniversary and launched the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer mode as a little treat – although the pretty sparse battle pass and its slow progression met with criticism.

Overtime: Halo Infinite Season 1 will last until May 2022, which means the co-op campaign and Forge mode will most likely be released after that. Halo Infinite seasons were originally intended to last three months.

Seasonal: 343 Industries' Joseph Staten said the co-op campaign and Forge mode will launch sometime during the second season, and unless that plan changes it means at least another six months until Halo Infinite is a complete package.

Brave Browser rewards you for surfing

Brave Browser

Maybe your internet connection is fast, but what about your browser? The Brave Browser is built from the ground up for speed, privacy and providing an ad-free Internet.

You can opt-in for ads that respect your privacy, and even earn rewards. It’s quick and easy to use, featuring the same comforts and conveniences you expect from a modern browser.

Which classic platform was Retro City Rampage ported to?

The contents of Retro City Rampage’s DOS release, including the floppy disk, as seen on YouTube Channel DOS Nostalgia.


Retro City Rampage is an unabashed love letter to old-school gameplay, and the developers went pretty far in making it authentic. Retro City Rampage: 486 is a DOS port designed for the classic operating system that could theoretically run on 30-year-old hardware.

The DOS port is missing most of the minigames, but it did play pretty well on an old computer and was easy to install since it was distributed on floppy disks. Fortunately, you don't need a stone-age computer to enjoy Retro City Rampage: 486 – if you own the PC version you can just fire up DOSbox and download your complimentary copy of the retro version.

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