Sakurai “Satisfied” with PS5, Cyberpunk DLC and Multiplayer

Today: Turns out Masahiro Sakurai is a bit of a PlayStation fanboy — Hidden RPG gem Greedfall is coming to next-generation consoles — Modders have added ray-tracing to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

CD Projekt quiet about Cyberpunk DLC

CD Projekt RED's latest earnings call has revealed more about the Polish studio's future plans, as well as underscoring that the studio is making a lot of money.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out Dec. 10 - for real this time

Developers will keep working from home until March 2021, but management is happy with the team's performance and confident that they are “giving it their very best” to wrap up Cyberpunk 2077. CEO Adam Kicinski confirmed that the game will launch on December 10th.

The Richer: The Witcher is still a license to print money, and sales are actually up by over 30% this year. Gwent has also done well on iOS and Android, making 2020 the “best performing third quarter in recent years.” for CD Projekt RED.

Future perfect: The studio are not talking about Cyberpunk 2077 DLC yet, part because they don't want to give it all away at once, and part because they have some catching up to do thanks to the continuous delays and the on-going pandemic. As for the upcoming multiplayer mode, CD Proejkt RED is treating it as a “separate dedicated production, a big production.”

Which character was cut from GTA III before release?

a) El Burro
b) Darkel
c) Curly Bob
d) King Courtney

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No Game Boy on Genesis

Rare’s Snake Rattle ‘n Roll launched for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990, and had an unusual isometric aesthetic with levels structured as sets of shelves in mountainsides.

Enjoy a little subliminal marketing if you make it that far

The seventh level spelled out the words Nintendo and Game Boy, which had just launched in Japan and was about to arrive in Europe.

The Genesis version of the game wasn’t a suitable place to advertise Nintendo’s then-new handheld console, so they replaced the Game Boy homage with Snake R+R and Go Sega.

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Masahiro Sakurai is a PlayStation fan

Masahiro Sakurai has a shiny new PlayStation 5 after managing to snag one on launch day – and he likes it.

Sakurai doesn’t just make games, he plays them a lot

The Super Smash Bros. creator is apparently a hardcore gamer, having blitzed through 240 PlayStation games over the course of 2019. That's probably why Sakurai writes a column for Famitsu where he shares his thoughts on different game experiences.

Hot neighbour: His PlayStation 5 is presently tucked away behind his television, since Sakurai was worried about overheating in his crowded console shelf. His favourite feature? Backwards compatibility!

Fast but small: Sakurai praised the quick loading times, but was less enthused about the limited storage space and misses the ability to organize his games into folders. But despite his enthusiasm, it doesn't seem like even PlayStation 5 could tempt Sakurai away from Nintendo.

Big Final Fantasy XIV news in February

Square Enix is gearing up to make some big announcements about Final Fantasy XIV, but not until their Announcement Showcase in February.

Announcing an announcement; a classic marketing move

The event will be broadcast in Japanese, but will feature live English interpretation for international viewers. The announcement of the announcement is pretty light on information, and simply states that Square Enix will announce something cool, as well as the dates for the stream:

  • Friday, February 5th at 5.30pm (PST)
  • Saturday, February 6th at 1.30am (GMT)

Guessing time: This year's Fan Fest was cancelled since COVID-19 restrictions put a stop to big public events. The pandemic has probably also put slowed down development on Final Fantasy XIV, but at least we won't have to wait more than three months to learn what's happening next.

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Which character was cut from GTA III before release?

ANSWER: Darkel!

I bet he's a real nice guy

The Grand Theft Auto series is popular enough to be subject to its own urban legends, and one of them is the character Darkel from Grand Theft Auto III. He appears in the game’s manual, and was supposed to be the leader of a gang of homeless people who asks the player to commit wanton acts of violence on their behalf.

There’s even a voice actor listed for him, but Darkel never made it into the final game. That hasn’t stopped him from being the subject of rumours and speculation, though. The two most notable ones claimed that Darkel was removed following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and that one of his missions involved bombing a school bus full of children.

Rockstar denied both, explaining that the character was removed because he didn’t fit the final tone of the game. Some of Darkel’s missions were reassigned to other characters, while others became Rampage missions strewn around Liberty City.

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