Sega is “proceeding” with internal studies on NFTs and the Metaverse, “will continue to consider it”


A recent investor Q&A session reveals that Sega Sammy Holdings are keeping an eye on NFTs and the so-called metaverse.

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“There are various interpretations about Metaverse, but as a game publisher, first of all, we think that the starting point for us is to provide a game that can be appreciated by users,” it stated.

’Meta pool’: Sega has clearly seized the opportunity to define the metaverse in its own terms, saying it sees it as a way to create communities of not just gamers “but also non-game participants, such as the viewers,” and a way to reach audiences that are not strictly speaking users.

Cautious: “As for NFT, we feel the potential in the future, and we are proceeding the studies about it, including potential adoption to business in mind,” although they are careful to note that the most important thing is that it “will be accepted by users”.