Silent Hill Tease Pulled, Smash Bros Credits Beaten

Today: Silent Hill composer hints that we might return to a certain little town — Dataminers and musicians restore Super Mario World soundtrack — See one of the rides from Super Nintendo World

No Diablo IV or Overwatch 2 this year

Activision Blizzard’s latest earning call has effectively dashed any hopes that Diablo IV or Overwatch 2 could launch this year.

Demonic dungeon crawling returns with Diablo IV

Neither Diablo IV or Overwatch 2 have had release dates announced, and Blizzard is sticking to its "when it's ready" ethos, which is probably a good idea considering the recent Cyberpunk 2077 fracas. Both games will most likely be revealed at BlizzConline.

A big year: 2022 will apparently be a big year for Blizzard Entertainment according to Studio president J. Allen Brack. He also said Overwatch 2 had cleared a major internal milestone, and that development is on track.

The horde calls: Blizzard is working on a free-to-play WarCraft game as part of Activision's new strategy: Premium games supported by free-to-play games, the way annual Call of Duty releases integrate with Warzone. Blizzard already announced the free-to-play Diablo Immortal for mobile, and now it is presumably WarCraft's turn to go small.

What Warcraft expansion brought player owned garrisons to the MMO?

a) Cataclysm
b) Battle of Azeroth
c) Warlords of Draenor
d) Legion

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Fairy, thy name is Captain Obvious

Arrowhead Game Studios’ Magicka featured a very tongue-in-cheek homage to The Legend of Zelda – hardly surprising since the game is one big send-up of fantasy and role-playing game cliches.

‘Hey Listen, maybe don’t die and just kill enemies.’

You could get yourself a fairy companion that would start each sentence with “Hey, Listen!”. Sound like someone you know? Yup, it’s Link’s flying friend Navi! The fairy in Magicka delivers painfully obvious advice such as “Maybe you can cast spells on enemies”. Fortunately, the fairy could also make itself useful and revive you if you die.

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New Silent Hill could be announced soon

Composer Akira Yamaoka may inadvertently have revealed a new Silent Hill game in an interview with Al Hub.

Akira Yamaoka worked on the original Silent Hill

The interview was promptly pulled from the site, and the video went private on YouTube. What exactly did Yamaoka let slip? Al Hub asked him what he was working on now, and he responded “You’ll probably hear something this summer to be announced,” before following up with “And I think it’s the one you’re kinda hoping to hear about,”.

I see that town: That was clearly enough to set the lawyers off, because the interview went poof shortly after being published. It's not exactly a secret that Konami have wanted to revive the Silent Hill series, so maybe there is hope?

Remastered Super Mario World soundtrack and a smashing feat

Dataminers have delved deep into the Super Mario World game data, and have managed to piece together the original musical compositions from the classic platformer.

An uncompressed Mario treasure-trove

The samples used to play back the compositions in the original game were heavily compressed to fit on the SNES cartridge, but a group of musicians has tracked down all the original samples and recreated the music using the original, high-quality samples.

Super Smashing, Bro: In unrelated but still relevant news, someone has finally managed to hit every single name in the Super Smash Bros. Melee credits minigame. It took 20 years, but a champion stepped up and did the impossible after a $3000 bounty was posted.

Credit where credit is due: Martin Zarate spent 50 hours achieving the feat, and had to follow a rigid set of rules such as playing on original hardware and recording his hands to ensure a complete lack of shenanigans.

What Warcraft expansion brought player owned garrisons to the MMO?

ANSWER: Warlords of Draenor!

What else are you supposed to do on a different planet?

One of the most requested World of WarCraft features was player housing, and Blizzard eventually gave players the opportunity to build a whole garrison in Draenor. Alliance players could set up shop in Shadowmoon Valley, while Horde players could hunker down in Frostfire Ridge. Garrisons could be upgraded and allowed players to call for backup from their garrison during certain quests.

You recruit NPCs who move into the garrison, and they give access to quests and buffs. As the garrison grows and becomes more strongly fortified, you don’t have to spend quite as much time on it, but is still useful to check in on once in a while. It’s not exactly Animal Crossing, but it’s still a cute way to give you a place to call home in World of WarCraft.

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