Starfield, Rabbids and Blue Space Cats

Today: The summer is finally here, and that means more announcements than releases — Kingdom Come: Deliverance wouldn’t have made it to Switch without a completely false leak – Ubisoft reveals Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, but no sign of Rayman

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Starfield gets its first official trailer

Todd Howard opened the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase by revealing sci-fi RPG Starfield and announcing its release date: November 11th, 2022.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl made an appearance, followed by Back 4 Blood and Avalanche Studios' new open-world caper Contraband.

Sea of Thieves is crossing over with Pirates of the Caribbean on June 22nd, before Battlefield 2042 exploded onto the scene with a gameplay montage. Then attention shifted to Psychonauts 2, which finally has a release date: August 25th.

Next up is fuzzy fighting with Party Animals, then make your escape from Hades on August 13th before turning your attention to the mysteries of Somerville.

Halo Infinite is on track for a holiday launch, and the multiplayer looks pretty sweet. The Outer Worlds 2 was announced, another glimpse of Age of Empires IV was shown, Microsoft Flight Simulator is headed to Xbox Series X/S and Forza Horizon 5 takes the driving extravaganza next-gen.

Oh, and Arkane is delivering their own take on the Left 4 Dead formula with Redfall, a futuristic co-op romp with vampires.

Other highlights

Who is the final boss in Unreal Tournament’s campaign mode?

a) Xan Kriegor
b) Skaarj ClanLord
c) Szalor and Torgr
d) Akasha

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His pink brow furrowed in bottomless fury

Kirby: Squeak Squad is called Kirby: Mouse Attack in the European version, and the Western versions both added angry eyebrows to the box art to make sure the pink pudding didn't scare off any manly men.

The cake is a lie... wait, wrong franchise

Digging deeper into the game files reveals a fully implemented block ability that is perfectly functional but ended up getting cut – most likely because it’s too similar to the Triple Star ability.

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Next-gen Metro Exodus and Elder Scrolls

TESO launched April 2014 for PC and Mac

Early summer is clearly the time for announcements rather than releases, and there are really only two big games on the menu this week: Metro Exodus and The Elder Scrolls Online both go next-gen.

Tuesday – June 15th

  • The Elder Scrolls Online for PS5, XSX

Wednesday – June 9th

  • Metro Exodus Complete Edition for PS5, XSX

Ubisoft, Gearbox and Square highlights

Ubisoft announces Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora for 2022

Microsoft wasn't the only one spilling the beans this week: Ubisoft, Gearbox, and Square Enix all hosted live streams showing off their upcoming games, and we have compiled a nice list of highlights.

Bloodline DLC for Watch Dogs: Legion, a Riders Republic overview, Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay reveal, a Far Cry 6 cinematic, Just Dance 2022 was announced, alongside Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Mostly updates on already announced projects such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Homeworld 3, a Tribes of Midgard overview, and Godfall was announced for PlayStation 4.

Square Enix is keeping up the collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, and next up is Guardians of the Galaxy from Eidos Montreal on October 26th, complete with developer interviews and a gameplay demo.

Other top picks

We’ve got 5 copies of adventure Backbone for PC

Like Pokemon, but with guns and no unionised labour

Furry noir detective adventure Backbone is out now on PC, and we've got 5 Steam keys to give away so you can release your inner sleuth and unravel the mysteries of Vancouver as raccoon private dick Howard Lotor. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch later on this year. 

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Who is the final boss in Unreal Tournament’s campaign mode?

Xan Kriegor is the final boss you'll meet

ANSWER: Xan Kriegor!

The first few runs of Tiger Woods 99 for PlayStation featured a clip of Jesus vs. Santa, an animated short by Trey Parker and Matt Stone which introduced the town of South Park and its foul-mouthed children. If you stick the disc in a computer CD-ROM drive, you’ll find a quicktime file with the minute short.

Ah, the 90s, those halcyon days when the AI could cheat unashamedly and no one would complain. Remember the final level of Unreal Tournament? After beating every challenge across each game mode in the single-player mode, your final lesson was a one-on-one against Xan Kriegor on DM-HyperBlast. Dear reader, it was a very harsh lesson indeed.

The map is small, Xan makes off with all the weapons and power-ups you need to defeat him at the beginning of the match and he has literally perfect aim. Of course, you can beat him since he’s not tremendously smart, but not without tearing your hair out in the process. Besides, why are you even playing the single-player? It’s Unreal Tournament!

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